Frequently Asked Questions

Making Changes to Your Booking

Can I amend a confirmed booking?
Yes. Please have your booking ID ready. You will also be asked to provide a description and details of the changes you wish to make. Go to Manage My Booking.

How can I add additional or extra drivers to my booking?
Additional drivers can be added on arrival at the rental office. All additional drivers must be physically present at the rental counter at the time of rental with their own driver's licence to sign the rental agreement.

How do I amend or change a booking to change the pick-up or drop-off time?
Go to Manage My Booking to change your pick-up or drop-off times and dates.

Cancelling Your Booking

Do I lose my deposit if I cancel my car?
This depends on how you book with us, please read our Cancellation Policy in full which was sent to you with your Booking Confirmation.

Your Voucher

What is a voucher and why do I need one?
Your rental voucher is a document, which will be emailed to you and must be printed and produced at the rental desk when you pick-up your vehicle. It is imperative that you have it in your possession. If you do not produce your voucher at the time of collection of the vehicle, the car rental supplier may ask you to pay more or refuse you your rental. If you do not produce your voucher at the rental counter we cannot accept any appeal for a refund.

I can't find my voucher. Could you please send the voucher again?
Please click here to view and print an online version: Remember to take this to the rental counter with your driving licence and the credit card used to purchase the vehicle hire.

What happens if I do not take my voucher with me?
If you do not have correct paperwork when picking up the vehicle then the car rental supplier may refuse to rent the vehicle to you.

One Way Rentals

What are cross border or territorial restrictions?
Cross border or territorial restrictions simply means that with certain countries you may have the option to travel between country borders. This option will be specified in the terms and conditions and usually has a fee attached. You must also get permission from the car rental agent to travel between one country and another. A charge generally applies too.


What is a fuel policy?
A fuel policy is a specific term and condition set by the car rental agent regarding the charge associated with the fuel of the vehicle. Car rental agents have different fuel policies. Please check your terms and conditions for the specific fuel policy or rate details on step 2 of the booking process.

Age Restrictions

What are age restrictions?
Age restrictions are set by car rental agents. This means that for insurance purposes the car rental agent may have a minimum or maximum age of the driver they can rent to. All age restrictions will be in the terms and conditions of each rental. Some companies also have a young or senior driver's fee for specific age groups.


I have booked a baby/booster for my child. Where can I see this confirmed in my booking?
Once the vehicle is confirmed please check your booking voucher. The voucher has a section which shows the additional extras you have booked including baby seats, booster seats or additional drivers. These extras are not included in the price quoted; they must be paid for on arrival. Please note, these extras are only requested and not guaranteed.

I have booked additional drivers. Where can I see if this is confirmed in my booking?
Once the vehicle is confirmed please check your booking voucher. The voucher has a section which shows the addition extras you have booked for example baby seats, booster seats or additional drivers. These extras are not included in the price quoted; they must be paid for on arrival.

Excess Insurance

How do I reduce the excess on the vehicle? Can I take out additional insurances to reduce it?
You can purchase additional insurances to reduce the excess on the vehicle. This can be done online at the time of booking (service provided in association with Allianz Global Assistance) or at the car rental agent's office on arrival. If you choose not to purchase additional insurances a pre-authorisation is required when collecting the vehicle. Pre-authorisation is also required if taking out Allianz insurance and any Excess deductions made by the car rental company can be claimed back on the Allianz policy. The pre-authorisation is taken from your credit card and the amount can be found on the Rental Conditions link on stage 2 of the booking process (before confirming the booking).


What is an international driver's licence and why do I need one?
The International Driving Licence (IDL) is recognised worldwide as a valuable document that identifies its holder as a licensed driver when your licence is not in the same language as the country in which you are driving. You must also produce a National Driver's Licence with this licence; otherwise it will not be accepted.

Do I need both parts of my British licence to rent a vehicle?
If you have the new photo ID licence you must take the paper counterpart as well. If you do not present both the card and the counterpart you will not get the vehicle. If your licence is written in Chinese, Russian or any 'picture' script then you will need to obtain an international driver's permit before you travel from your country of residence.

What Does the Price Include?

What is included in my rental?
95% of CarTrawler's pricing is inclusive. Please note though, that in some countries, there are exclusions when you receive your quote. Click 'rate details' on Step 2 of the booking process to see what your rate includes.

What taxes are included in my rental?
The prices quoted on the website are normally tax inclusive. However some optional extras that are listed on the voucher or in the rental conditions may not include tax (VAT). In this case it will be indicated. Please check the rental conditions online or on the rental voucher if you have already made your booking for what taxes are included.




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