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Caribbean Car Hire

A string of islands caste across the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, nowhere conjures up the idea of tropical paradise more than the Caribbean.

St John, USVIEach island has a unique history and a hertitage influenced by the British, French and Dutch although it is the people of the islands that give each one its true identitiy.

Driving in the Caribbean can be somewhat testing and road surfaces vary from island to island. Generally roads around the main towns and holiday resorts are of reasonable quality but further away in the countryside road surfaces often have large potholes. Caribbean car hire is available across the area and offer the latest deals and offers from both local independent car rental companies and international brands.

Book online with for cheap car hire in the Caribbean. The process with is easy, quick and secure with many rentals only requiring a low deposit at the time of booking and the balance paid on collection. No excess insurance can be pre-purchased to reduce liability if the vehicle is accidentally damaged, involved in an accident or stolen during the rental period.




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