Glow in the dark roads in the Netherlands

For those renting a car in the Netherlands later in 2013, you may be surprised to see road markings glowing when driving after dark. A new initiative by a Dutch design company and an infrastructure management company will introduce the “smart highway” concept to roads in the Netherlands. Glow in the dark roads in the NetherlandsInitially this will be piloted on country roads in the southern province of Brabant (for geographical reference it is near Eindhoven).

The glow in the dark roads concept works by replacing current road markings with those that are photoluminescent using a photoluminescent powder based paint. The road markings will charge up during daylight hours by absorbing electromagnetic radiation and then radiate after dark to give a glowing effect. A temperature sensitive paint has also been developed and there are plans to introduce snowflake markings on the road. These will glow when the temperature falls below freezing alerting drivers to the possibility of ice on the road.

Image Source: Studio Roosegaarde

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