Legal Requirements and Insurance

Sorting out a car for hire on your holiday is taxing in itself. Traditionally fraught with difficulties and issues, and the amount of scams from unethical car hire firms seeming to rise, people are seeking a car hire company that they can trust to give them the best offer for their money.

At, we do just that, and offer an unbiased service based on customer satisfaction and helping people to get the highest quality and best offers for their budgets.

We also want to make our client aware of the other expectations that come with car hire abroad, and insist that our customers are provided with as much information as possible about what, exactly, they will need to know or have in their possession to make the car rental process as easy as possible.

When it comes to the actual driving licence held by the customer, most countries do actually permit national driving licence holders to drive on this licence for as long as three months without quarrel. There are still countries, however, that will require you to have an international driving licence, which can be easily picked up from the AA, or even the Post Office.

In terms of insurance, any insurance policy that you currently have is usually enough to satisfy legal requirements in the EU. Outside of this jurisdiction, however, this can change – although there are many non-EU countries employing the Green Card scheme (this covers the legal minimum for insurance).

Always find out which laws are held in the country you are visiting before departure, so that any essential documents can be easily produced when required and you avoid any issues with your car hire firm.