The Benefits of Hiring a Car in South Africa

The recent football world cup has propelled South Africa to one the fastest growing tourist destinations. From the vibrancy of Cape Town to the stunning vistas of Table Mountain, South Africa is a place that begs to be explored. Car hire is the best way to enjoy a holiday here. Cheap car hire in South Africa will allow visitors to take in this beautiful country at a pace that suits them. There are many benefits to hiring a car in South Africa.

•    Visit Wherever You Choose
South Africa is a country that offers something for everyone. You could take in the shopping and nightlife of the big cities, or take a more sedate trip around the beautiful countryside. Whatever your preference, car hire will enable you to do it on your trip.

•    Save Money
Car hire is more affordable than you might imagine. With your own car, you’ll have no excursion costs, taxi fares or bus tickets to purchase, meaning you could avoid many of the little costs that tend to accumulate on a holiday.

•    Choose The Car That Suits You
Car hire firms will always have a range of cars that you can chose from, meaning that you can choose the vehicle that will perfectly suit what you want to do on your holiday. If you plan on exploring the cities and towns of South Africa, you can choose a small, fuel efficient car, or if you wish to trek some of the country’s game reserves, you can choose a rugged, 4-wheel drive vehicle.

See the Best of South Africa with Cheap Car Hire Deals

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South Africa has become increasingly popular as a holiday destination over the last ten years. It is a truly amazing country, with fantastic sights to take your breath away, and although there are occasional news reports of various problems which foreigners have faced, it is still a relatively safe country as long as you take the necessary precautions. The best place to find advice regarding this aspect is to visit the Foreign Office website and click on the South Africa section, where you will find a comprehensive list of how to go about making your holiday secure and safe.

Unless you are planning to go with an organised tour, the best way to see the country is by hiring a car, and you’ll be pleased to know that when it comes to car hire in South Africa, Leisure Cars are here to help you find the best deals. If you are on a restricted budget, don’t worry because we have some great offers when it comes to cheap car hire in South Africa. Once you have made the arrangements for car hire, there are a couple of things to bear in mind, the most important being your licence. Your UK photo card driving licence is acceptable in the country, but you must carry it with you every time you are using the vehicle from the car hire in South Africa company. Keep this in mind, and make sure you take the advice from the FO website and you are sure to have a fantastic time when you book your car hire in South Africa.