Super Saver Vehicles in Australia and New Zealand

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For the really budget conscious traveller, Super Saver vehicles can be hired throughout locations in Australia and New Zealand. The Super Saver vehicle will be an older model usually at least 6 years old and will have a high mileage around 150,000 km although all vehicles are well maintained mechanically and easy to drive. For example a Super Saver compact car hired from Auckland Airport on 19 February 2012 for 7 days costs only £121 compared to £149 for a newer model.

Booking a Holiday in Australia Book Cheap Car Hire As Well

If you are looking for the holiday of a lifetime, then a driving holiday in Australia could be just the thing. These days its relatively easy to get to the Antipodes, and many people who do take their holidays down under combine a trip to Australia with a week in New Zealand. If you are planning to be one of the 400,000 Britons who visit Australia every year, then you’ll probably be looking for cheap car hire to make your holiday a completely independent one. If this is the case, you are in the right place, because here at Leisure Cars we have some fantastic deals when it comes to cheap car hire in Australia and car hire in New Zealand.

It doesn’t matter where you are planning to land in Australia, the destinations which will face you once you have arranged your car hire mean you will literally be spoilt for choice. The biggest draw for many who take advantage of cheap car hire in Australia is Ayers Rock, or to give it the indigenous name, Uluru.

Some say that to visit Australia without seeing Uluru is a travesty, so if you have the time, try and get it into your schedule and see for yourself why the Aboriginal people of this area, known as the Anangu revere this phenomena, which they believe was formed by their ancestors. Of course, you could book a group trip to see Uluru, but what could be better than arranging cheap car hire and planning your own route to see it for yourself?

Car Hire in Australia: The Outback

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At some undefined point “the bush” of Australia becomes “the outback”, a mass of sun-baked, treacherous land stretching thousands of kilometres across internal Australia. Although the Indian Pacific railway traverses the continent from Sydney to Perth (taking about three days), most folks intent on exploring the Australian outback have one option – cheap car hire.

Cheap car hire in Australia is a fairly accessible thing. A lot of bush and outback roads are poorly maintained, but car hire companies are familiar with such landscape issues and are generally happy to tutor you a little on situations such as what to do if your car becomes stuck in sand etc (let a little air out of the tyres to increase the surface area)

Top advice tends to focus around not going off-road, always carry a good map (before setting out it’s a good idea to ask a few locals if there are any landmarks they could note on your maps which aren’t labelled), always carry extra fuel, water and emergency rations (around 2litres of water per person and 20litres of fuel) and make sure a reliable person has your driving schedule. Many outback driving route start points are in relatively small towns, the inhabitants of which will likely be able to point you in the direction of a local or district tourist officer who can take note of your plans.

Exploring Australia with a car hire is one of the cheapest, most gratifying ways in which to see everything she has to offer.

East Coast Epic: Car Hire in Australia

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The East Coast of Australia holds some of the continent’s greatest treasures – Great Ocean Drive and the Mornington Peninsula, the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays and Sydney amongst them. Each year more and more of our clients return to Australia (and to us) for further adventure.

Cheap car hire in Australia is noted as being one of the absolute top ways to explore this diverse and laid-back coastline at your leisure.

The most popular form of business travel in Australia is air travel, but don’t let that fool you, cheap car hire is fast becoming an incredibly attractive option for adventurous professionals who look for a little more than free peanuts and a cloudy view from their business trips!

A massive number of our clients are holiday travellers looking to see as much of mainland Australia as possible at their own pace. Countless Australian tourist websites extol the experience of driving the East Coast. North to south – Cairns to Sydney – is almost 2500km (that’s around 48 hours continuous driving time) and is reputed to take around three weeks. Most folks opt for this trip as it means flying into the north coast rather than crossing the continent to the south. Many of the folks our team spoke to also joked it made a great excuse to enjoy Sydney, turn around and drive all the way back again (anything for a cheaper plane fare!)

Car hire in Australia is cheap, reliable and in our opinion the ONLY way to enjoy the most carefree, beautiful and surprising continent on earth.

Explore the Best of Australia with Car Hire

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If there’s one place on earth that’s got a truly diverse mix of cultures, lands and scenery, it’s got to be Australia. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations going and it isn’t hard to see why, but to really experience this fantastic country at its best car hire should always be considered.

By opting for car hire in Australia you get the chance to explore the whole of the country without any limits. You can go where you want, when you want without having to rely on anyone else, letting you see the sights that only you want to see. You don’t have to compromise or wait for other people, but can instead travel to your chosen places on your own timescale to see exactly what you want to.

This is even more advantageous when you consider just how big the country is. Unless you want to stay in one place for the duration of your trip you can use car hire in Australia to your advantage, as it gives you the chance to move around as and when with no need to check any timetables. Whether you want to see the beauty of Bondi Beach or the stunning landscapes of the Australian outback you’ll be able to, without anything holding you back.

As you can see, car hire in Australia really can let you see the country at its best. Here at we know how beneficial car hire can be, and that’s why we’re proud to offer the best prices and service around to help you have the ultimate holiday that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Get the Car Hire You Want with Leisure Cars

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Car hire is the ultimate way to explore your chosen destination without having to worry about public transport. It gives you the kind of freedom that can lead to a truly exceptional holiday, and if you’re looking for car hire at its best you need to come to us here at

We’re able to provide car hire in the USA, France, Spain or even right here in the UK, so no matter what your holiday plans are we’ll be able to accommodate. We work with rental offices that are dotted in countries across the world, so no destination will be out of reach.

Better yet, we offer exceptional prices as well. We know that budget can be a huge factor when it comes to holidays and that’s why we’re proud to offer cheap car hire to take some of the pressure off, but it doesn’t mean that you lose any service. We’re able to offer such cheap prices because we work with plenty of companies and can look through them all to get the best deals, saving you the hassle of shopping around yourself.

So, if you’re looking for cheap car hire in Australia, France, Italy, the USA or anywhere else you want to go, you need to come to us here at We can provide a service you can rely on to ensure your complete satisfaction, giving you the chance to enjoy your holiday the way it should be enjoyed – completely stress-free and with the freedom to do exactly what you want.