Places to Visit by Hire Car from Malaga

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The stunning resort of Malaga is one of the most popular holiday destinations for UK tourists. The heart of the Costa del Sol, every year tourists are attracted to the stunning Mediterranean coast and flawless climate. Although relaxing by the sea is wonderful, Malaga and its surrounding areas have much more to offer. Car hire in Spain can help take you away from the busy tourist areas and see a different side to this part of Spain.

Drive south of Malaga and you will be able to experience the stunning coastal towns of Marbella and Puerto Banus. Home of the Spanish elite, Marbella is a place to see and be seen. In Marbella, you can experience the opulence of all the luxury stores, spend a day being pampered or merely relax on the gorgeous beach, taking in all the glamour that Marbella has to offer.

Puerto Banus is where the Spanish elite keep their luxury yachts moored. The marina is home to some of Spain’s most exclusive restaurants, where you can watch the world go by while enjoying wonderfully fresh seafood. Perfect for couples, a day a Puerto Banus could be spend indulging in some retail therapy, or simply relaxing on the beach or at the marina.

For a relaxing escape for the whole family, nothing can beat a drive to the stunning Guadalhorce lakes. A popular weekend escape for residents of Malaga, it’s the perfect place to avoid the tourist hoards. This natural setting is the perfect place to either enjoy some water sports, or simply while away the hours.

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Go Off the Beaten Track with Car Hire in Australia

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A trip to Australia is one that will never be forgotten. This majestic country offers unbeatable climate, stunning scenery and some of the world’s most hospitable people. By far, the best way to experience this wonderfully unique country is by car. Car hire in Australia will give you the freedom to experience everything that the country has to offer.

Australia is a country of many different sides. They have some of the world’s most cultural and cosmopolitan cities in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as beautifully scenic locations, gorgeous beaches and unique wildlife. With international car hire, you will be able to turn your holiday into an adventure. Your trip will be transformed into a truly unforgettable experience, getting away from the usual tourist traps and experience every side of the country.

There are many road trips you can take to make the most of your Australian experience. Driving between Sydney and Brisbane, you will follow the stunning East Cost, taking in the beautifully lush forests of New South Wales to the sun drenched state of Queensland. You could also take a trip between Melbourne and Adelaide, experiencing the stunningly rugged Victoria coastline with its beautiful rock formations. A drive around Australia would not be complete without a visit to the majestic Ayers Rock. Easily reached from the attractive town of Alice Springs, a visit to this mythical site is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. All of this is possible with car hire in Australia.

The Benefits of Hiring a Car in South Africa

The recent football world cup has propelled South Africa to one the fastest growing tourist destinations. From the vibrancy of Cape Town to the stunning vistas of Table Mountain, South Africa is a place that begs to be explored. Car hire is the best way to enjoy a holiday here. Cheap car hire in South Africa will allow visitors to take in this beautiful country at a pace that suits them. There are many benefits to hiring a car in South Africa.

•    Visit Wherever You Choose
South Africa is a country that offers something for everyone. You could take in the shopping and nightlife of the big cities, or take a more sedate trip around the beautiful countryside. Whatever your preference, car hire will enable you to do it on your trip.

•    Save Money
Car hire is more affordable than you might imagine. With your own car, you’ll have no excursion costs, taxi fares or bus tickets to purchase, meaning you could avoid many of the little costs that tend to accumulate on a holiday.

•    Choose The Car That Suits You
Car hire firms will always have a range of cars that you can chose from, meaning that you can choose the vehicle that will perfectly suit what you want to do on your holiday. If you plan on exploring the cities and towns of South Africa, you can choose a small, fuel efficient car, or if you wish to trek some of the country’s game reserves, you can choose a rugged, 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Day Trips to Take on Your Portuguese Holiday

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Any Portuguese holiday is likely to begin in Lisbon, the city that is home to Portugal’s largest airport. It’s a beautiful, historic city boasting stunning architecture and a rich culture. But Portugal has much more to offer. With car hire in Portugal, you can take a number of day trips to help you experience everything the country has to offer.

•    Porto
Porto, known as Portugal’s second city, offers as much to see as Lisbon. From the stunning cathedral quarter to the quant riverside area, there’s something for everyone. For those who enjoy shopping, you can take in the markets at Bolhão or the more high end shops of the down town area.

•    Cascais and Estoril
The beautiful town of Cascais is said to be the Spanish king’s favourite harbour town. As well as many relaxing sunbathing spots, Cascais has some stunning castle ruins and a fun sea park. In the nearby town of Estoril, you could take in a delicious sea food lunch, take in a round of golf, and even visit the place that is thought to have inspired the bond film Casino Royale, the Casino de Estoril.

•    Carcavelos and Oeiras
Take your car hire a short way down the coast, and you can visit one of the most popular water sports locations in Europe. Carcavelos beach has huge waves and is almost always blessed with sun, making it perfect for surfers. In the nearby town of Oeiras, you can take a walk along the beautiful beach and taste some of the local wine.

The Best Driving Routes in the USA

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The USA is a country of roads! This vast nation has some of the most picturesque scenery, vibrant cities and diverse culture and anywhere in the world, and some of the most beautiful places are only accessible by car. If you are planning on taking a trip to the USA, car hire is a must. Cheap car hire in the USA will allow you to experience some of these attractive and exciting driving routes.

•    Route 66
Route 66, between Los Angeles and Chicago, is one of the most iconic routes in America, or even the world. Leaving the beautiful beaches of Los Angeles, you’ll drive through the red dusty mountains of the Grand Canyon, on to many Native American settlements, before arriving at the windy city of Chicago.

•    Atlantic Coast
Travelling the Atlantic coast of America, you’ll experience many different cultures. Starting in the vibrant city of New York, you’ll travel down, experiencing the old fashioned charm of Atlantic City, before travelling to the state of Florida. After spending some time in the party capital of Miami, you can relax in the beautiful Florida Keys.

•    Pacific Coast
When you drive along the pacific coast of America, you’ll be able to take in some of the world’s most picturesque locations. Washington State is littered with beautiful, quaint harbour towns and stunning beaches. You’ll drive along the stunning Columbia River, through the lush Oregon countryside and on to the sun soaked California coastline. Along this route, you’ll meet a hugely diverse cross section of society, as well as experiencing majestic scenery.

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Why Hire a Car in Italy?

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A visit to Italy means a visit to some of the world’s most beautiful architecture, most breath-taking scenery and most delicious cuisine. Italy is such a vast country that, without some form of transportation, you’ll not be able to experience it all. Public transport can be expensive and have long journey times, so the best way to experience Italy is with car hire. Cheap car hire in Italy will allow you to visit all the notable towns, cities and cultural sites that the country has to offer.

While some holidays are about relaxing on a beach, tourists visit Italy to experience the rich and diverse culture that it has to offer. A visit to the capital, Rome, will be like stepping into history. Everywhere you turn you will see an ancient monument, beautiful fountains or stunning architecture. You could also take in a visit to the Vatican during your trip to Rome.

A 6 hour drive north of Rome will take you to the beautiful city of Venice. You will have to leave your car behind during your trip, as Venice is built around canals, not roads. It’s one of the world’s most romantic cities, and a walk around its narrow, winding streets will help you to discover many hidden gems.

With your car hire in Italy, you will be able to experience all this culture, as well as being able to visit all the beautiful places the country has to offer. Whether you want the beautiful architecture of Florence, or the excitement of shopping in Milan, car hire can take you there.

Tips for Driving in Cyprus

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Cyprus is a beautiful place to take a holiday. A trip to the island will give you the chance to experience beautiful weather, beaches and scenery. Car hire in Cyprus will help you to make the most of your wonderful holiday. An abundance of small, quiet roads makes driving in Cyprus not particularly challenging, but there are various rules that need to be abided by. Here are some tips for driving in Cyprus.

•    Unlike much of Europe, in Cyprus you drive on the left hand side of the road. This is the same as in the UK and Ireland, making driving in Cyprus a breeze!

•    Seat belts must be worn by all passengers in a vehicle, and any children under 5 years of age must sit in the back.

•    You must be over 18 years of age to drive in Cyprus. However, most car hire companies won’t rent a car to anyone under 25 years of age.

•    It is not permitted to use a mobile phone when driving in Cyprus. Doing so could result in an on the spot fine.

•    Road signs in Cyprus are displayed in both Greek Cypriot and English, and the distances are displayed in kilometres.

•    The speed limit in Cyprus is 100 kilometres an hour, and 80 kilometres an hour on rural roads. There is a limit of 50 kilometres an hour in built up areas.

•    If you are involved in an accident while driving, notify the emergency services by dialling 112. Don’t move your car until you are notified to by police.

Experience Diverse Spanish Culture with a Hire Car

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Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK. Spanish holidays are synonymous with relaxation, enjoying beautiful weather and world class cuisine in some of the most scenic locations in the world. However, Spain has such a rich and diverse culture that it can be worth taking the time to travel off the beaten track, to locations that tourists are unfamiliar with. Car hire in Spain can enable you to take in all the diversity of culture that the country has to offer.

Once you’ve found your cheap car hire in Spain, you’ll be free to explore the country as you please. Not normally frequented by tourists, the north of Spain is known for its tradition and heritage. The Basque Country has very different cultural traditions, climate and food to other parts of Spain, and a visit there will give you the chance to experience a completely different side of Spanish culture.

Car hire in Spain has grown in popularity in recent years because tourists are relishing the opportunity to take in the dynamism and excitement of the large Spanish cities. Barcelona is one of the world’s cultural capitals, and a visit there will give you a chance to experience a unique blend of architecture, scenery and nightlife. And a visit to Spain would not be complete without a trip to the capital, Madrid; a beautiful city offering the perfect blend of modern and traditional cultures. All of this is possible with car hire in Spain.

To Car Hire or Not To Car Hire in France

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When holidaying abroad, it’s usually not possible or practical to take your own car, but by taking the ferry to France, the choice is available to you. There are pros and cons to doing so, and weighing these up is important before you decide on which route to take.

By driving your own car and choosing not to use car hire in France, you have the benefit of being familiar with the car you are driving and ensuring that the vehicle is the precise size you need. If you need a people carrier, for example, you can be totally certain that you will have the correct number of seats and appropriate space for your luggage. For those who dislike flying, this can be a great way to holiday, but you will have to take several measures to ensure that your car is road-legal in France. These include things such as placing special stickers on your headlamps to ensure that your lights do not dazzle other road users.

By deciding to arrange car hire in France instead of taking your own vehicle, you will automatically receive a left-hand car which is designed for the roads, allowing the driver a clearer view. This also provides greater passenger safety than driving a right-hand car abroad.

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Exploring the Sunshine State: Car Hire in Florida

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The Sunshine State is perfect for holidays, enjoying a roaring tourist trade thanks to its attractions and its mild climate. Whether you’re headed for the Walt Disney World Resort or elsewhere in the state, arranging car hire in Florida could make your holiday even more enjoyable, opening up new opportunities and freedoms for your family vacation. The peninsula is a hotspot for holidaymakers, with the good weather making it especially popular.

Organising car hire in Orlando will allow you to go a little further than the attractions of the Walt Disney World Resort and the Universal Orlando Resort. You can keep the kids happy with visits to these locations, but also offer yourself alternatives, your car providing a way to escape the tourist bustle and visit some different locations, such as the coast, too. This kind of balance is what makes a family holiday truly memorable, days in the sunshine where something enjoyable is available to everyone. Car hire in Orlando can provide the necessary flexibility to help make this possible, whilst Florida provides the good weather.

With leisurecars, obtaining this freedom and arranging car hire in Florida – whether for a stay in Jacksonville, Orlano, or Miami – is simple. We take the stress out of shopping for the best prices, allowing you to enjoy the process of organising your holiday a little more. The money that you could save is another bonus, putting a little back into the kitty which could be spent on souvenirs for the kids or next year’s trip.