The Legal Stuff: Your Driving Licence

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Every country’s traffic and licence laws are a little different. For example, in France you risk a hefty fine for not carrying the car’s log book in the vehicle at all times. Of course, such paperwork issues needn’t be a problem when investing in our car hire in France service.

Driving age limits vary from country to country. Rental agents often set their own lower and upper age limits to keep insurance premiums down too (even car hire in the UK is available to over-21’s only, with most agents opting for over-25’s). More often than not, in the cases of very young or senior drivers, an excess fee may be charged. This applies to car hire in Italy, France etc too. Cheap car hire in the USA tends to be a little more lenient due to the lower driving age and higher alcohol age restriction.

Residents of EC/EAA countries can usually drive in other EC/EAA countries on their regular driving license unless their license is not written using the Roman alphabet. Citizens from non-EC/EAA countries or citizens from EC/EAA countries wishing to drive in non-EC/EAA countries must apply for an International Driving Permit at a cost of around £5.50.

Remember: If you have a photo ID driving licence you must present the paper counterpart when collecting your rental. Without both parts of your licence (plus the International Driving Licence document if necessary) you won’t be going anywhere in that hire car.

City Living – Rent or Buy that Dream Car?

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Transport is often a point of major stress when living in a city. Whether it’s a traffic jam that stretches for miles on end or yet another late train, it seems whichever mode of transport you prefer there will always be a problem. But which is better – owning a car, or relying on public transport and renting a car for those long distance journeys?

Although the freedom of owning a car may seem appealing, as soon as you enter into the city centre it turns into a nightmare. Congestion charges need to be added on to the cost of buying, insuring and maintaining your vehicle, as well as that ever increasing cost of fuel. Add to this the time wasted sitting in traffic jams and suddenly the nightmare is a reality.

On the other hand, despite the bad press it receives, public transport does have it’s benefits. A weekly ticket will often save you money, save long queues, do your bit for the environment and also solve the problem of a value depreciating vehicle.

When you need to travel further, maybe getting away from the city life and visiting that wonderful greenery we call the countryside, car hire can be a cheap and reliable option. With the newest vehicles and insurance included, and with an abundance of cheap car hire companies around, car hire doesn’t have to break the bank.

Although you may traditionally associate it with being on holiday, car hire in the UK may well provide you with just the freedom you need.