Places to Visit by Hire Car from Malaga

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The stunning resort of Malaga is one of the most popular holiday destinations for UK tourists. The heart of the Costa del Sol, every year tourists are attracted to the stunning Mediterranean coast and flawless climate. Although relaxing by the sea is wonderful, Malaga and its surrounding areas have much more to offer. Car hire in Spain can help take you away from the busy tourist areas and see a different side to this part of Spain.

Drive south of Malaga and you will be able to experience the stunning coastal towns of Marbella and Puerto Banus. Home of the Spanish elite, Marbella is a place to see and be seen. In Marbella, you can experience the opulence of all the luxury stores, spend a day being pampered or merely relax on the gorgeous beach, taking in all the glamour that Marbella has to offer.

Puerto Banus is where the Spanish elite keep their luxury yachts moored. The marina is home to some of Spain’s most exclusive restaurants, where you can watch the world go by while enjoying wonderfully fresh seafood. Perfect for couples, a day a Puerto Banus could be spend indulging in some retail therapy, or simply relaxing on the beach or at the marina.

For a relaxing escape for the whole family, nothing can beat a drive to the stunning Guadalhorce lakes. A popular weekend escape for residents of Malaga, it’s the perfect place to avoid the tourist hoards. This natural setting is the perfect place to either enjoy some water sports, or simply while away the hours.

So if you are looking for international car hire, you should be sure to come to us here at

Experience Diverse Spanish Culture with a Hire Car

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Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK. Spanish holidays are synonymous with relaxation, enjoying beautiful weather and world class cuisine in some of the most scenic locations in the world. However, Spain has such a rich and diverse culture that it can be worth taking the time to travel off the beaten track, to locations that tourists are unfamiliar with. Car hire in Spain can enable you to take in all the diversity of culture that the country has to offer.

Once you’ve found your cheap car hire in Spain, you’ll be free to explore the country as you please. Not normally frequented by tourists, the north of Spain is known for its tradition and heritage. The Basque Country has very different cultural traditions, climate and food to other parts of Spain, and a visit there will give you the chance to experience a completely different side of Spanish culture.

Car hire in Spain has grown in popularity in recent years because tourists are relishing the opportunity to take in the dynamism and excitement of the large Spanish cities. Barcelona is one of the world’s cultural capitals, and a visit there will give you a chance to experience a unique blend of architecture, scenery and nightlife. And a visit to Spain would not be complete without a trip to the capital, Madrid; a beautiful city offering the perfect blend of modern and traditional cultures. All of this is possible with car hire in Spain.

Arranging Cheap Car Hire for Spain and Elsewhere

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Going abroad is all about overcoming barriers with a smile on your face, whether cultural barriers, linguistic barriers, or, in some instances, logistical barriers. One way to ensure that the latter does not affect you is by obtaining your own method of transport, arranging car hire in Spain, France or whatever your destination country.

We are encouraged to comparison shop and this competitive field does ensure that prices are always changing, but finding cheap car hire for Spain and elsewhere can be time consuming. If you have a busy schedule or are slightly unconfident when browsing the internet, you may be inclined to settle for the first deal you find, but by letting leisurecars do the hard work for you, you can enjoy cheap car hire in Spain and 134 other countries around the world with a few simple clicks.

Once you have arranged your car hire in France, you are free to explore the country’s scenery and cities, nipping to coastal towns on a moment’s notice via the straight, open French roads. In Spain, getting around during the Siesta may be tricky without a vehicle of your own, however, arranging for hire removes this problem altogether, allowing you to use the time as you wish.

By shopping for the best deal you can save yourself money; which can be great either as spending money or when put straight into the pot for next year’s holiday. This service can make arranging to go abroad that bit simpler, freeing your mind up for other travel-related stresses.

Leave the Bus at Home: Car Hire in Spain

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Public transport is nobody’s idea of a holiday, in almost every country in the world. Whilst certain countries seem to excel in the field, providing regular and punctual trains to a vast network of locations, most countries cannot brag the same excellent infrastructure.

Organising car hire in Spain is important for holidaymakers, particularly those who are visiting islands off the mainland such as Majorca or Menorca, where towns and cities are intermittent and transport services may run less frequently. Arranging for cheap car hire in Spain will allow you to enjoy its diverse scenery more easily and at your leisure – which should always be the true nature of any holiday.

With a car, you are free to flit between the cities and the coast, taking in culture and soaking up sun as you wish, with a great deal less forward planning than would be necessary using public transport. Following an itinerary does not allow much flexibility, but if you arrange for car hire in Spain, you can do away with schedules and deadlines, simply enjoying your time abroad.

At leisurecars we can help you to organise cheap car hire in Spain, automatically granting yourself this freedom, whilst saving you money which could be spent on ice creams or saved for a rainy day back home. If you use our services, arranging hire can be straightforward; a great deal less stressful than dealing with some companies. You simply enter your destination and requirements into our site and let it find the best deals available.

The Benefits of Car Hire in Spain, Italy and Beyond

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Many of us holiday abroad, and whilst it’s possible to take our own vehicles to locations within Europe, the hassle can sometimes make it simpler to use a company providing car hire in France, Spain or other locations.

In some circumstances it actually makes more sense to hire a car, allowing you to drive something better suited to your needs. It could be, for example, that you are grandparents going on a holiday with your children and their children. In such a scenario, you may agree that a people carrier is an appropriate choice of transport, facilitating more economic travel and removing problems of who should follow who between destinations. You may be in the opposite situation: parents with almost grown-up children holidaying abroad alone. At home, you keep the family car for convenience, but using car hire in France may make more sense, enabling you to downsize temporarily.

Most countries drive on the opposite side of the road to Britain, and by using services which provide car hire in Spain or France, you can ensure that your car is designed for this, giving greater driver and passenger safety, a better view of the roads – particularly where bends are concerned – and helping you to avoid a kerfuffle with stickers on your headlamps and the other finicky measures which ensure that your own car is road legal abroad.

With our services, arranging car hire in Spain or elsewhere is straightforward, enabling you to get a great deal on whatever size car you are in need of.

See the Real Spain by Hitting the Highway

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Many holidaymakers flock to Spain because of its fabulous beaches and abundance of warm solar rays. Indeed, the country is something of a mecca for many tourists, who use it as a place to unwind and relax, as well as top up their tans. However, there is much more to the European nation than simply sun and sand. It has a fantastic, vibrant culture, interesting history and eateries to die for.

To experience all these wonders, you might want to consider taking advantage of car hire. After all, it is easy to book car hire in Spain. For example, you can arrange cheap car hire in Malaga quickly and simply online. The great thing about having the use of a set of wheels in this way is that you can get off the normal tourist routes and get a taste of the real country.

If you have a penchant for art or architecture, you might want to stop off at some of Antonio Gaudi’s buildings. His incredible and unusual works are truly something amazing to behold and their colour and style is even more impressive when you get to see them in person that when you study them in pictures.

Meanwhile, to get a flavour of Spain, you should try to find some traditional restaurants that are popular among locals. Sampling some truly delicious paella, lamb and cumin stew, fabulous seafood and other delicacies will satisfy your appetite and provide you with memories to last you a lifetime. And, of course, you can wash the whole thing down with a lovely glass of Rioja – although make sure you’ve finished your driving for the day if you choose to take a tipple!

Savvy Car Hire Can Help Keep Holiday Costs Down

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Let’s face it, we all love holidays. Breaks away from the trials and tribulations of your life at home can help keep you sane and provide you with some much needed rest and relaxation. And these days there are plenty of destinations to choose from. You can head to somewhere relatively close to home or venture far a field on long-haul flights.

However, as well as all the joy such occasions can bring about, they can also cause havoc with finances. If, like many consumers at present, you are struggling to make ends meet, you might have considered the idea of foregoing a vacation this year. But there may be no need to take such drastic measures. There are ways of limiting your spending when you are off on your travels and ensuring you do not break the bank in pursuit of some well-deserved leisure time.

One way to reduce your expenditure is to make sure you are savvy in your sourcing. Rather than wandering into a travel agents and agreeing to the first deal that comes up, you should investigate some of the great deals available over the web.

And the internet is also a good way of sourcing cheap car hire. By comparing the offerings advertised by different vehicle providers, you can rest assured you have not paid over the odds on car hire and this is true whether you are seeking car hire in Orlando, car hire in Spain or anywhere else.

Theres More to Malaga than Great Beaches

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If you are thinking of spending a week or two in Spain this year, Malaga is a great place to base yourself. Described by some as a jewel between the land and the sky, this popular location has something for everyone. If beaches are your thing, you will be spoilt for choice here with everything from secluded coves to the more conventional vast swathes of sand which are covered by holidaymakers from all over Europe and beyond. However, if you are looking for something a little different during your holiday, why not think about looking at the many car hire in Spain deals which are available?

After a week of sitting on the beach you may want to get away from the crowds and explore the hinterland which has many surprises. Here at Leisure Cars we have some fantastic deals when it comes to car hire in Malaga which will allow you to discover the real Spain. If you are looking at a restricted budget – and who isn’t these days? – then there are some great offers when it comes to cheap car hire in Malaga. If you are interested in history, then you really need to visit the Alhambra Palace, a 14th century fortress which is a permanent reminder of the days when the Moors ruled this region. If you book your car hire in Malaga through us, you could be at the Alhambra in just over an hour and you will be able to see for yourself one of the best examples of Islamic architecture in the world.

Cheap Car Hire in Spain Gives You Independence

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Despite the many exotic choices further afield – such as India, Thailand, America and Australia – Spain and Portugal are still two of the most popular holiday destinations for Britons who are looking for a couple of weeks in the sun. Thanks to the advent of low cost air travel over the last ten years, it’s even easier to spend some time on the Iberian peninsular at any time of the year, and while many who take advantage of these flights are happy to sit on the beach or by the pool, there is a growing number who like to combine a beach holiday with exploring the fantastic scenery of Spain and Portugal.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to hire a car, which gives you complete independence when you plan out your days. If you are thinking of doing this, then you are about to be surprised by some of the great deals when it comes to car hire in Spain and car hire in Portugal if that country is your destination on the Iberian peninsular. The people at Leisure Cars are experts when it comes to finding fantastic deals to give you cheap car hire in Spain and cheap car hire in Portugal. All you have to do is book the cheap car hire in Spain, and when you arrive your car will be waiting for you. After that, it’s up to you, so get booking and enjoy that holiday!

The Freedom of Global Driving

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Some folks adore train travel, some enjoy restful slumber aboard a long distance coach, and some of the bravest individuals even enjoy fathoming local public transport around the world (ever tried taking a bus in rural Japan? Good luck if your kanji reading skills are lacking). But for most of us – particularly those used to the privacy and freedom of a car back home – nothing compares to the fantastic relief of being able to slide in behind the wheel (reserving a moment to mentally hug the driving test examiner who passed us!) and take off at will down the open road.

As much as we all moan about traffic jams, fuel prices, prangs and the fact that Grandma insists on only making left turns to get everywhere because she doesn’t like to cross oncoming traffic, the simple fact is that car travel affords a valuable element of flexibility.

Cheap car hire in South Africa, Canada, Australia etc is arguably one of the most frugal, reliable, safe and enjoyable ways to get around. Car hire in Canada, for example, can have you drifting easily from city to mountain range, across plains and to diverse coasts.

Quick trips abroad never really seem like the most beneficial time to master local public transport. Car hire in Spain or even car hire in the UK presents the perfect solution to short-term transport conundrums.

Whatever your reason for travel – business, holidays, an unquenchable urge to see the world – cheap car hire could go a long way to giving you the freedom of travel that makes all the difference between a trip and a journey!