The Benefits of Hiring a Car in South Africa

The recent football world cup has propelled South Africa to one the fastest growing tourist destinations. From the vibrancy of Cape Town to the stunning vistas of Table Mountain, South Africa is a place that begs to be explored. Car hire is the best way to enjoy a holiday here. Cheap car hire in South Africa will allow visitors to take in this beautiful country at a pace that suits them. There are many benefits to hiring a car in South Africa.

•    Visit Wherever You Choose
South Africa is a country that offers something for everyone. You could take in the shopping and nightlife of the big cities, or take a more sedate trip around the beautiful countryside. Whatever your preference, car hire will enable you to do it on your trip.

•    Save Money
Car hire is more affordable than you might imagine. With your own car, you’ll have no excursion costs, taxi fares or bus tickets to purchase, meaning you could avoid many of the little costs that tend to accumulate on a holiday.

•    Choose The Car That Suits You
Car hire firms will always have a range of cars that you can chose from, meaning that you can choose the vehicle that will perfectly suit what you want to do on your holiday. If you plan on exploring the cities and towns of South Africa, you can choose a small, fuel efficient car, or if you wish to trek some of the country’s game reserves, you can choose a rugged, 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Off the Beaten Track: Car Hire in South Africa

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Cheap car hire in South Africa is fast becoming one of our most popular cheap car hire search requests. Family holidays, short and long-term business commitments, solo travellers – our customers hail from across the spectrum.

One of the first things people are warned about when looking for car hire in South Africa is cowboy rental firms. Make no bones about it; there are a lot of them about! We’re extremely accomplished in sourcing only reputable rental agents who are proven to have excellent customer service, transparent insurance coverage (we can make sure you’re definitely covered if monkeys steal the wiper blades or an elephant sit on the bonnet!), breakdown cover applicable to the areas you wish to visit and relevant local knowledge to cover legal protocols etc. For example, some car rental agents won’t allow you to cross South Africa’s border in one of their rental cars.

When driving in South Africa, it’s worth noting the following titbits to make your travels as stress-free as possible:

• Outside developed areas road surfaces are often poorly maintained and sometimes badly marked.

• Look out for wildlife on the roads. Large domestic cattle, donkeys and sheep often wander at the sides (or slap in the middle!) of roads.

• Driving at night can be dangerous for a number of reasons, namely the fact that many roads are badly lit, making it much harder to see potential hazards, signs and road markings.

• Road blocks are less common in South Africa than across the rest of the continent. Be polite and open but remain wary; if an “official” tells you to pay a fine but can’t show you any ID, ask to be taken to the local police station for proof.

Driving and Discovery: Gap Year Freedom

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Taking a gap year is something growing numbers of undergraduate students are attracted to each year. Whilst a number use the time to relax at home (perhaps getting really good at Sudoku or establishing a world-class Battlefield 2142 online gaming clan!), most gap year fanatics head off to foreign parts for a first taste of freedom, exploration and  fun!

The average gap year student isn’t heading off to a year of sunbathing. Gap year programmes are, more often than not, organised and partially funded by Non-Government Organisations (charities) with the aim of helping gap year students mature, learn and experience bountifully in a environment they wouldn’t normally have access too e.g. building houses in Bolivia, teaching English in Cambodia etc. Simply put – frugal living is generally a must!

With free time and finances of gap year students often being so limited, it’s important to make the most of every chance to explore. Car hire affords eager gap year explorers the freedom to discover at will. The more bums in car seats, the cheaper the car hire per person!

The likes of cheap car hire in South Africa are perhaps the most cost-effective, safe and reliable ways to travel. Although globally varying age restrictions apply to car hire in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and so on, exceptions can sometimes be made at the rental agents discretion. Our access to the best cheap car hire rates around the globe puts us in a wonderful position to seek out such providers.

The Freedom of Global Driving

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Some folks adore train travel, some enjoy restful slumber aboard a long distance coach, and some of the bravest individuals even enjoy fathoming local public transport around the world (ever tried taking a bus in rural Japan? Good luck if your kanji reading skills are lacking). But for most of us – particularly those used to the privacy and freedom of a car back home – nothing compares to the fantastic relief of being able to slide in behind the wheel (reserving a moment to mentally hug the driving test examiner who passed us!) and take off at will down the open road.

As much as we all moan about traffic jams, fuel prices, prangs and the fact that Grandma insists on only making left turns to get everywhere because she doesn’t like to cross oncoming traffic, the simple fact is that car travel affords a valuable element of flexibility.

Cheap car hire in South Africa, Canada, Australia etc is arguably one of the most frugal, reliable, safe and enjoyable ways to get around. Car hire in Canada, for example, can have you drifting easily from city to mountain range, across plains and to diverse coasts.

Quick trips abroad never really seem like the most beneficial time to master local public transport. Car hire in Spain or even car hire in the UK presents the perfect solution to short-term transport conundrums.

Whatever your reason for travel – business, holidays, an unquenchable urge to see the world – cheap car hire could go a long way to giving you the freedom of travel that makes all the difference between a trip and a journey!

How to Find Car Hire in South Africa

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South Africa is a truly wonderful place to visit. With some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the world, you’ll probably want to opt for car hire so you can experience it at your own pace and can go wherever you want to, but some people think that looking for car hire in South Africa will be difficult. Luckily, if you know where to look, it doesn’t have to be.

To find car hire in South Africa you need to head online. Here you’ll have access to a great range of companies that will be able to accommodate, and if you compare a few you’ll be able to get some fantastic prices too. Remember to book online if you really want the best deals, and don’t always go for the first company that you come across if you want to be confident that you’ve made the right choice.

Or, you could head straight to the car rental experts and come to us here at instead. We’re able to provide car hire in South Africa to perfectly meet your needs, and because we have access to so many rental companies we’re confident that we’ll have just what you’re looking for. This also means that we’ll be able to give you fantastic prices as well, and that all means extra money in your pocket.

So, to find car hire in South Africa, you’ve got two options – do the searching yourself or come to us here at If you want the best possible prices and service it makes sense to do the latter, so come to us today and see what you can find.