Day Trips to Take on Your Portuguese Holiday

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Any Portuguese holiday is likely to begin in Lisbon, the city that is home to Portugal’s largest airport. It’s a beautiful, historic city boasting stunning architecture and a rich culture. But Portugal has much more to offer. With car hire in Portugal, you can take a number of day trips to help you experience everything the country has to offer.

•    Porto
Porto, known as Portugal’s second city, offers as much to see as Lisbon. From the stunning cathedral quarter to the quant riverside area, there’s something for everyone. For those who enjoy shopping, you can take in the markets at Bolhão or the more high end shops of the down town area.

•    Cascais and Estoril
The beautiful town of Cascais is said to be the Spanish king’s favourite harbour town. As well as many relaxing sunbathing spots, Cascais has some stunning castle ruins and a fun sea park. In the nearby town of Estoril, you could take in a delicious sea food lunch, take in a round of golf, and even visit the place that is thought to have inspired the bond film Casino Royale, the Casino de Estoril.

•    Carcavelos and Oeiras
Take your car hire a short way down the coast, and you can visit one of the most popular water sports locations in Europe. Carcavelos beach has huge waves and is almost always blessed with sun, making it perfect for surfers. In the nearby town of Oeiras, you can take a walk along the beautiful beach and taste some of the local wine.

Cheap Car Hire in Spain Gives You Independence

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Despite the many exotic choices further afield – such as India, Thailand, America and Australia – Spain and Portugal are still two of the most popular holiday destinations for Britons who are looking for a couple of weeks in the sun. Thanks to the advent of low cost air travel over the last ten years, it’s even easier to spend some time on the Iberian peninsular at any time of the year, and while many who take advantage of these flights are happy to sit on the beach or by the pool, there is a growing number who like to combine a beach holiday with exploring the fantastic scenery of Spain and Portugal.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to hire a car, which gives you complete independence when you plan out your days. If you are thinking of doing this, then you are about to be surprised by some of the great deals when it comes to car hire in Spain and car hire in Portugal if that country is your destination on the Iberian peninsular. The people at Leisure Cars are experts when it comes to finding fantastic deals to give you cheap car hire in Spain and cheap car hire in Portugal. All you have to do is book the cheap car hire in Spain, and when you arrive your car will be waiting for you. After that, it’s up to you, so get booking and enjoy that holiday!

Make Sure You Have the Necessary Paperwork for Car Hire

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When you arrive in a foreign country, you no doubt want everything to run as smoothly as possible.

Whether you are staying there for business or leisure purposes, you will want to minimise the stress you experience.

In order to help achieve this, you should take care when packing to make sure you have all the necessary paperwork.

This applies to obvious things like your passport and travel tickets. After all, you won’t get very far without these!

However, there are also other issues you need to bear in mind.

For example, if you have booked car hire in Portugal, Spain, the USA or wherever you are heading, you will need to have certain documents.

Without these, your aim of making the most of cheap car hire may be scuppered.

One of the things you need to have with you is your driving licence and you may also be required to provide your credit card.

If you forget these things, you might not be permitted to take the vehicle away to use.

Without car hire, you could be stranded and your plans may need to be revised.

Even if you are able to make new arrangements that involve public transport, this could end up wasting time and money.

One of the ways in which you can reduce the risk of this happening is to write a list before you go of all the things you need. This way, there is less chance of you leaving an important item at home.

Need Cheap Car Hire?

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These days, budgets are more important than ever before. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on all of life’s little luxuries such as holidays – all you have to do is be a bit more economical in your choices. One area that you’ll easily be able to save some cash in will be car hire, and if you look carefully you’ll have no problem finding a service to meet your budget.

When you’re looking for cheap car hire, the most important thing you can do is shop around. Make sure to look at several different companies to compare their services and prices, and remember to never leave it until the last minute – always book in advance, because this pretty much guarantees that you’ll be able to save some money. You need to make sure that they cover your chosen destination as well, whether you’re looking for cheap car hire in France, Spain, the USA or anywhere else.

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