Super Saver Vehicles in Australia and New Zealand

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For the really budget conscious traveller, Super Saver vehicles can be hired throughout locations in Australia and New Zealand. The Super Saver vehicle will be an older model usually at least 6 years old and will have a high mileage around 150,000 km although all vehicles are well maintained mechanically and easy to drive. For example a Super Saver compact car hired from Auckland Airport on 19 February 2012 for 7 days costs only £121 compared to £149 for a newer model.

Thermal Relaxation in New Zealand

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When you touch down in New Zealand, you might feel a bit like a child in a sweet shop. There is so much to do and so many places to explore, particularly if you are making use of car hire. There are adventure parks, extreme sports and cultural highlights for you to get to grips with all over this beautiful, green land.

However, if you are seeking a relaxing break, you can’t do better than to make your way to some of the thermal pools located in the country. New Zealand is situated at the meeting point of two tectonic plates and this means it is subject to a large amount of geothermal activity. For this reason, people residing in the country have long been in the habit of luxuriating in the pools of warm water that occur naturally in various areas.

There is nothing more comforting than soaking in the calming and therapeutic waters and, as you lie back and enjoy the experience, you will feel the cares of the world drift away. Such holiday experiences allow you to fully recharge your batteries and return to home life feeling energised and ready to take on the challenges awaiting you.

And one of the best ways of getting to these hot spots is by taking advantage of cheap car hire. Getting around like this means you have a great deal of flexibility. You are not ruled by tour company timetables and you can get to exactly the areas you want to see.

New Zealand is a Holidaymaker’s Dream

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When people think of far-flung holiday destinations, places like Australia, Thailand, the Caribbean and other hotspots often spring to mind. Such places tend to get a lot of exposure. However, there is another, often overlooked, nation that has a great deal to offer car hire customers and that is New Zealand.

The spectacular setting for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, this nation has it all. You can opt to go when the weather is warm and there are plenty of attractions on offer for tourists to make the most of.

If you have the spirit of adventure, you might like to make use of your car hire in New Zealand to get to some of the country’s theme parks. Ranging from attractions that feature roller coasters and other hair-raising rides to car and motorbike racing tracks, jet boat facilities and simulator rides, these places are ideal for the young at heart.

On the other hand, if you fancy something a little more sedate and relaxing, there are plenty of thermal springs to unwind in. Also, you can learn about the country’s animals by visiting farms and wildlife sanctuaries.

Meanwhile, if you fancy using your car hire to get to know the nation’s cultural side, there is plenty to see and do. For example, you could watch kapa haka performances by Maori people, follow art trials to visit painters, sculptors and other such experts or head to museums to discover more about the fascinating and diverse history of New Zealand.

Booking a Holiday in Australia Book Cheap Car Hire As Well

If you are looking for the holiday of a lifetime, then a driving holiday in Australia could be just the thing. These days its relatively easy to get to the Antipodes, and many people who do take their holidays down under combine a trip to Australia with a week in New Zealand. If you are planning to be one of the 400,000 Britons who visit Australia every year, then you’ll probably be looking for cheap car hire to make your holiday a completely independent one. If this is the case, you are in the right place, because here at Leisure Cars we have some fantastic deals when it comes to cheap car hire in Australia and car hire in New Zealand.

It doesn’t matter where you are planning to land in Australia, the destinations which will face you once you have arranged your car hire mean you will literally be spoilt for choice. The biggest draw for many who take advantage of cheap car hire in Australia is Ayers Rock, or to give it the indigenous name, Uluru.

Some say that to visit Australia without seeing Uluru is a travesty, so if you have the time, try and get it into your schedule and see for yourself why the Aboriginal people of this area, known as the Anangu revere this phenomena, which they believe was formed by their ancestors. Of course, you could book a group trip to see Uluru, but what could be better than arranging cheap car hire and planning your own route to see it for yourself?

The Long and Winding Roads of New Zealand

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One of our team was recently on a long haul flight into Heathrow (after the snow chaos!) and spent considerable time chatting to some folks returning from a year of travel around the world. With an age range of 20-34, our team member found it interesting to note that every person immediately (and loudly) proclaimed New Zealand as their favourite place when asked!

Cheap care hire in New Zealand is a blossoming market. As an intensely scenic country, tourist access to New Zealand’s plethora of mountains, valleys, reserves and nature spots is paramount to the country’s economy. New Zealand infrastructure relies heavily upon well-maintained roads and vehicle access (although the Highway Network suffers an element of bad reputation at badly-maintained road surfaces).

As our airport friends professed, New Zealand is a country to see from the air or under your own steam (e.g. cheap car hire in New Zealand) The spectrum of hidden landscape gems and so on makes it a wonderful place to invest in a little cheap car hire, sling your pack in the pack and head off over the mountains!

Driving in other English-speaking countries is usually a bit of a relief for most folks, especially when the driving side is on the left like New Zealand, but never forget that traffic laws, etiquette and protocols could still vary greatly. For example, you risk a fine of around £75 per person for not buckling up at all times in ANY vehicle!

Exploring New Zealand by car gives you the chance to unwind, take the wheel and feel the relaxed Kiwi way of life.

What Do You Need for Car Hire?

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Each country has its own laws, rules and regulations, and it is important to respect these appropriately whenever you venture out of the UK.

For example, were you aware that for car hire in Spain, Portugal and other countries, it is a legal requirement to have spare light bulbs, a reflective jacket and warning triangle in your vehicle in case of a breakdown?

Like most other things, if you do visit a country with these sort of requirements, it is often much cheaper to buy this equipment at home before departure – but what else is required for care hire abroad?

Although this varies from country to country, below is a list of recommended items that should be taken on holiday – whether you are looking for car hire in New Zealand or South Africa:

-    If you require glasses to drive, take a spare pair
-    Remember a tool kit just in case the worst happens
-    Take a satellite navigation system equipped with information for the appropriate area
-    Bring a map in case the sat-nav experiences a malfunction, and
-    Learn some basic motoring terms in case of an emergency breakdown.

When you hire the car, it’s also a good idea to insist on a spare set of care keys from the car rental company, just in case the first set is lost and you don’t want to run the risk of leaving the car unattended in an unfamiliar area.

Car hire can be a complex part of your trip if you don’t adequately prepare yourself. It is therefore essential that you do your research into the country you are visiting and ensure that you are as prepared as possible in any eventuality.