See All of Orlando’s Attractions with a Hire Car

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The city of Orlando in Florida is the perfect holiday destination for families. Children will love experiencing all the theme parks Orlando has to offer, and parents will love enjoying the sunshine state’s wonderful weather. In order to experience all of Orlando’s attractions during your visit, you will need car hire. Cheap car hire in Florida will enable you to quickly and conveniently see all these attractions.

•    Walt Disney World Resort
Located in Lake Buena Vista in Florida, Walt Disney World is about a 35 minute drive from Orlando. Consisting of 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, as well as some areas for adults, you will need plenty of time and energy to take it all in! Children will love seeing their favourite Disney stars in the flesh.

•    Sea World
Located 10 minutes’ drive south of downtown Orlando, Sea World offers families the chance to experience the diversity of sea life. While there, you can see some of the world’s most dangerous sharks up close, take a trip through the arctic exhibit and see walruses and polar bears, and even visit Sea World’s most famous resident, Shamu the killer whale.

•    Universal Orlando Resort
Consisting of two theme parks, Universal Orlando Resort is the perfect theme park for adrenaline junkies! Home to some of Orlando’s scariest thrill rides, a visit here is not for the faint hearted! For those who are not fans of scares, there’s still plenty to do. The recently opened World of Harry Potter is great fun for fans of the schoolboy wizard.

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The Best Driving Routes in the USA

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The USA is a country of roads! This vast nation has some of the most picturesque scenery, vibrant cities and diverse culture and anywhere in the world, and some of the most beautiful places are only accessible by car. If you are planning on taking a trip to the USA, car hire is a must. Cheap car hire in the USA will allow you to experience some of these attractive and exciting driving routes.

•    Route 66
Route 66, between Los Angeles and Chicago, is one of the most iconic routes in America, or even the world. Leaving the beautiful beaches of Los Angeles, you’ll drive through the red dusty mountains of the Grand Canyon, on to many Native American settlements, before arriving at the windy city of Chicago.

•    Atlantic Coast
Travelling the Atlantic coast of America, you’ll experience many different cultures. Starting in the vibrant city of New York, you’ll travel down, experiencing the old fashioned charm of Atlantic City, before travelling to the state of Florida. After spending some time in the party capital of Miami, you can relax in the beautiful Florida Keys.

•    Pacific Coast
When you drive along the pacific coast of America, you’ll be able to take in some of the world’s most picturesque locations. Washington State is littered with beautiful, quaint harbour towns and stunning beaches. You’ll drive along the stunning Columbia River, through the lush Oregon countryside and on to the sun soaked California coastline. Along this route, you’ll meet a hugely diverse cross section of society, as well as experiencing majestic scenery.

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Exploring the Sunshine State: Car Hire in Florida

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The Sunshine State is perfect for holidays, enjoying a roaring tourist trade thanks to its attractions and its mild climate. Whether you’re headed for the Walt Disney World Resort or elsewhere in the state, arranging car hire in Florida could make your holiday even more enjoyable, opening up new opportunities and freedoms for your family vacation. The peninsula is a hotspot for holidaymakers, with the good weather making it especially popular.

Organising car hire in Orlando will allow you to go a little further than the attractions of the Walt Disney World Resort and the Universal Orlando Resort. You can keep the kids happy with visits to these locations, but also offer yourself alternatives, your car providing a way to escape the tourist bustle and visit some different locations, such as the coast, too. This kind of balance is what makes a family holiday truly memorable, days in the sunshine where something enjoyable is available to everyone. Car hire in Orlando can provide the necessary flexibility to help make this possible, whilst Florida provides the good weather.

With leisurecars, obtaining this freedom and arranging car hire in Florida – whether for a stay in Jacksonville, Orlano, or Miami – is simple. We take the stress out of shopping for the best prices, allowing you to enjoy the process of organising your holiday a little more. The money that you could save is another bonus, putting a little back into the kitty which could be spent on souvenirs for the kids or next year’s trip.

Car Hire in Australia, the USA and Other Large Countries

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In order to make the most of your trip to another country, you need freedom, in terms of both time and transport. Trying to navigate a country as large as Australia or the United States using public transport alone would greatly limit your enjoyment of your time there, forcing you to adhere to the time constraints of departures and arrivals. If you are always worrying about whether or not you will miss the next train, you cannot relax and enjoy the experience of being somewhere new, and it is for this reason that arranging car hire in France, Australia, the USA and other big countries is important.

At leisurecars, we make it simple to organise car hire in Florida, Canada, Australia, wherever your destination may be; we cover more than twenty thousand locations worldwide. The service is straightforward, you simply input your destination and any requirements you have in terms of car, such as size, transmission, and more. Our site uses this information to provide you with information on cheap deals for car hire in Australia, for example. The process is quick and easy, and the money you could save provides a nice boost for the souvenir fund.

With a car, you can enjoy the freedom of investigating tourist attractions on a whim or stopping to explore a town you may otherwise have passed by. Using our fuss-free service to arrange for car hire in the USA and elsewhere, you can begin your trip as you hope to go on, with minimal stress.

Plan Your Travel Route to Get the Most from Your US Trip

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The US is one of the best places in world to go on a road trip. The highways are long and straight, making them easy to drive and navigate around. And, of course, there are all those fantastic and diverse attractions to visit. The country is so diverse and encompasses desert-like terrain, wet and mild areas, uninterrupted sections of wild forest and mountains, incredible cities, theme parks and much more.

Indeed, you might not know where to start when you are organising your trip across the Atlantic. For example, should you go east to west across the great body of land, or maybe north to south?

Well, in many ways it does not matter how you travel about the country, as long as you make sure you get to see all the areas and sights of interest you wish to visit. Of course, to save money, you should plan your route logically so you do not end up doubling back on yourself and covering more miles than you need to.

Long in advance of your expedition, you should sit down with a map and mark out a course. For instance, if you are flying into the east coast, you might want to arrange car hire in Florida. There are many great deals on car hire in Miami, car hire in Orlando and other such places.

Then you should identify which areas interest you most and establish a way of getting to them. In some ways, preparing for your excursion like this is one of the most fun aspects of your whole vacation as you will be filled with excitement and suspense.

The Best Way to Travel Abroad

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For some people, the only travel they need on holiday is from the airport to the beach and that’s them set for the week. However, if you wish to visit the surrounding areas whilst you’re away, you will need some form of transport.

We often hear rumours of how good the rail services are abroad, usually whilst stood waiting for yet another delayed train. However it is hit and miss. Some are great, clean, on time and cheap. On the other hand some have no air-conditioning, over-priced fares and run just as late as ours.

An easier option is car hire. Traditionally seen as a more expensive option, many companies now offer easy, reliable and cheap car hire with smaller, more eco-friendly cars available. Having a car whilst on holiday will result in complete freedom, giving you the chance to visit places which may not be on train or bus routes, whilst also giving you the power to decide how long you want to stay at your chosen destinations.

The presence and accessibility of car hire companies continues to grow year on year, with most familiar names having desks at airports and hotels. However, for the best rates, book online beforehand so you can be certain that whether you are looking for car hire in France to fit in all the sights or cheap car hire in Florida to save extra pennies for the all important theme parks, you’ll get the best deal possible.

Book Car Hire in Advance

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Comparison shopping and booking in advance are two of the most highly recommended things to do whenever you need to purchase a service from anyone.

This is exactly the same when it comes to car hire abroad. It is an incredibly sensible idea to do your research on the types of car available in that destination and shop around to find the best deal before heading off on holiday, as care hire in Cyprus will be considerably different to car hire in Florida, for example.

A great way to compare prices in your own research rather than using a comparison site is to select any car that you would hypothetically like to hire, and then run it through several different agencies to get a more genuine idea of how their prices and inclusions differ.

Also, rental rates tend to be higher whenever car hire is arranged over-the-counter, as opposed to pre-booking online before the holiday has even begun. By using price comparison sites for car hire before you leave, you will have access to a wealth of information about which companies are the most ethical and affordable, and which aren’t worth your time.

Booking car hire in advance, whether online or on the phone means that you are much less likely to become a victim of salesman-like persuasion – particularly if you are a person that is quite easily influenced by supposed ‘one-off offers’.

Check, double-check and check again to make sure that everything you need is included in any offer you’ve made. Many fraudulent car hire companies abroad choose to take advantage of the fact that tourists aren’t familiar with the law and persuade them that some types of insurance are compulsory – just to get an extra few hundred pounds out of their pockets.

At, you can rest assured that we have carefully-sourced each and every single one of the car hire firms that we are partnered with. Booking in advance with us can mean the difference between a memorably simple arrangement, and one that leaves you the victim of a scam.