Car Hire – Know the Basics

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If you are looking to take on a car hire agreement for your holiday, business trip or any other endeavour, you may think that it is as simple as arriving at your destination and taking out a few minutes of your first day to meet with the first care hire company you find and take the cheapest car.

At, we would urge you to re-think this plan immediately. Not only can leaving your car hire until the last minute result in overcharges, but you may also be getting a car that barely meets any of your requirements.

Our comparison service is ideal for navigating around this issue, and can help you to get with the basics involved with reliable and cheap car hire, and which things you should be asking or looking for when you plan to undertake one of these agreements.

However, it is also important to be aware of some of the fundamentals before you can even consider the type of car you are looking to hire.

Most people don’t realise that there is an age limit on car hire, and simply assume that because they are old enough to legally drive their own car that they can hire one elsewhere. The age requirements for car hire vary from twenty-one to twenty-five, so you will need to check the laws of the specific country you are visiting to avoid disappointment.

You should also consider taking out an insurance policy that covers Collision Damage Waiver and Excess. This can be very expensive if done locally in the country you are visiting, and is considerably cheaper if done ahead of time.

These simple points are just some of the essential things that need to be taken on-board when car hire for your holiday is being considered, and it is important that you are aware of anything that could hinder your car hire going through smoothly.

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