Diesel vs Petrol Prices for Car Hire in Europe

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Historically diesel has always been cheaper than petrol until in the last 15 years or so when taxation and refining costs have increased the cost of diesel to the point that in some European countries it is now more expensive than petrol.

Petrol and Diesel PumpsWhen hiring a car in Europe, comparing the price of diesel vs petrol should be taken into account especially if driving long distances. Looking at the latest monthly fuel price report for October 2012, published in the UK by the Automobile Association (the AA), the UK is one of six European countries along with Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus and Romania where diesel is more expensive than petrol. Differences in price between diesel and petrol can be substantial with a litre of diesel costing on average nearly £0.05 pence more than a litre of 95 Octane unleaded petrol in the UK and £0.06 pence (€0.08 cents) more in Switzerland.

Conversely great savings can be made in other countries such as the Netherlands where a litre of diesel is €0.34 cents (£0.27 pence) less than unleaded. Other countries where a litre of diesel is much cheaper than unleaded petrol include Portugal at €0.20 cents (£0.16 pence), Greece at €0.22 cents (£0.17 pence) and Luxembourg at €0.14 cents (£0.12 pence).

For the latest information on European diesel vs petrol prices click here and download the latest report from the AA.

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