Car Hire is Essential in Cyprus

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If you are going to Cyprus for your holiday this year you really should think about car hire. The main reason for this is because the public transport system on the island is, shall we say, a little hit and miss. Although there is a bus service, you will need to plan well in advance if you want to get from A to Z, or even A to B if you believe some reports from people who have spent holidays there!

So, now we have established that car hire is the best option for getting around, you’ll be pleased to hear that Leisure Cars have some fantastic deals when it comes to cheap car hire in Cyprus so you don’t need to look anywhere else for car hire in Cyprus.

One of the major bonuses of taking advantage of car hire in Cyprus is the fact that the Cypriots drive on the left of the road, which means you don’t have that uncomfortable hour or so of getting used to driving on the right. Another bonus for those who decide to go for cheap car hire in Cyprus – apart from the great prices! – is that all the road signs are in English. One thing to be aware of is the division on the island. The north is still controlled by Turkey, a fall out from the invasion of 1974, so take care not to stray across the border because apart from anything else, your insurance will be invalid in the Turkish sector.

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