Diesel vs Petrol Prices for Car Hire in Europe

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Historically diesel has always been cheaper than petrol until in the last 15 years or so when taxation and refining costs have increased the cost of diesel to the point that in some European countries it is now more expensive than petrol.

Petrol and Diesel PumpsWhen hiring a car in Europe, comparing the price of diesel vs petrol should be taken into account especially if driving long distances. Looking at the latest monthly fuel price report for October 2012, published in the UK by the Automobile Association (the AA), the UK is one of six European countries along with Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus and Romania where diesel is more expensive than petrol. Differences in price between diesel and petrol can be substantial with a litre of diesel costing on average nearly £0.05 pence more than a litre of 95 Octane unleaded petrol in the UK and £0.06 pence (€0.08 cents) more in Switzerland.

Conversely great savings can be made in other countries such as the Netherlands where a litre of diesel is €0.34 cents (£0.27 pence) less than unleaded. Other countries where a litre of diesel is much cheaper than unleaded petrol include Portugal at €0.20 cents (£0.16 pence), Greece at €0.22 cents (£0.17 pence) and Luxembourg at €0.14 cents (£0.12 pence).

For the latest information on European diesel vs petrol prices click here and download the latest report from the AA.

Free Sat Nav and Free Additional Drivers is pleased to offer a free GPS Sat Nav and free additional drivers in some European countries for bookings up to 31 March 2012 and car rentals between 24 February and 30 April 2012.

In France excluding Corsica, a free additional driver is available on rentals taken up to 31 March offering a saving of £28 per week (33 euros). This free additional driver offer also applies to Portugal car hire for rentals up to 30 April 2012.

In Switzerland, a free GPS Sat Nav is available on selected car groups for rentals up to 30 April 2012 as well as winter snow tyres as standard and additional winter driving essentials. For car hire in Italy a free GPS Sat Nav is available on selected rentals up to 31 March 2012.

For Romania car hire between 24 February and 30 April 2012, receive a free upgrade from an Economy Car to a Compact Car while rental in Slovakia provide free additional driver and free child seat again on rentals up to 30 April 2012.

Super Saver Vehicles in Australia and New Zealand

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For the really budget conscious traveller, Super Saver vehicles can be hired throughout locations in Australia and New Zealand. The Super Saver vehicle will be an older model usually at least 6 years old and will have a high mileage around 150,000 km although all vehicles are well maintained mechanically and easy to drive. For example a Super Saver compact car hired from Auckland Airport on 19 February 2012 for 7 days costs only £121 compared to £149 for a newer model.

The Best Driving Routes in the USA

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The USA is a country of roads! This vast nation has some of the most picturesque scenery, vibrant cities and diverse culture and anywhere in the world, and some of the most beautiful places are only accessible by car. If you are planning on taking a trip to the USA, car hire is a must. Cheap car hire in the USA will allow you to experience some of these attractive and exciting driving routes.

•    Route 66
Route 66, between Los Angeles and Chicago, is one of the most iconic routes in America, or even the world. Leaving the beautiful beaches of Los Angeles, you’ll drive through the red dusty mountains of the Grand Canyon, on to many Native American settlements, before arriving at the windy city of Chicago.

•    Atlantic Coast
Travelling the Atlantic coast of America, you’ll experience many different cultures. Starting in the vibrant city of New York, you’ll travel down, experiencing the old fashioned charm of Atlantic City, before travelling to the state of Florida. After spending some time in the party capital of Miami, you can relax in the beautiful Florida Keys.

•    Pacific Coast
When you drive along the pacific coast of America, you’ll be able to take in some of the world’s most picturesque locations. Washington State is littered with beautiful, quaint harbour towns and stunning beaches. You’ll drive along the stunning Columbia River, through the lush Oregon countryside and on to the sun soaked California coastline. Along this route, you’ll meet a hugely diverse cross section of society, as well as experiencing majestic scenery.

So if you are looking for car hire in Florida or for the rest of USA, you should be sure to come to us here at

Cheap Car Hire Across the Continents

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If the global recession has taught us nothing else, it has demonstrated to thousands of individuals the benefits of shopping around to find the best deal. Whether looking for a particular brand of fabric softener or cheap car hire in Australia, a quick check online can help you to identify the best prices available to you.

At leisurecars we are devoted to helping you identify the best deals in terms of cheap car hire in Canada, the USA, South Africa and more, with our services covering 135 countries in total. Instead of sitting at the computer, flitting from site to site trying to decrypt the jargon of each individual company offering cheap car hire in Australia, you can simply enter your holiday destination and vehicular requirements into our site.

With the freedom that a car provides, you will be able to make the most of your holiday destination, whatever continent it lies upon, unrestricted in terms of when and where you travel. This will allow you to enjoy both the coasts and the cities, a flexibility which is essential for keeping everybody happy on family holidays.

By using our service, you can sort out cheap car hire in Canada, crossing this off your holiday to-do list whilst saving money that could be used as spending money for the kids or tucked away and put towards next year’s vacation. By being smart about how much you pay for the unavoidable essentials, you can allow yourself a few luxuries when you are relaxing on holiday.

Straightforward Holiday Car Hire for Italy

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If you’re going abroad on holiday this coming summer, heading for Florence, Rome or one of the many other beautiful culturally-rich locations Italy has to offer, you will be trying to make arrangements such as organising car hire in Italy and stocking up on suncream. Arranging cheap car hire in Italy – or indeed any country – can be one of the most stressful aspects of what should eventually be a relaxing break, but with us, you don’t have to worry about travel once you arrive at your destination.

We are devoted to offering a simple service for the provision of cheap car hire in Italy and other locations around the globe, taking the stress out of shopping for a company which can offer you a great deal and supply a car which is suitable for your needs. Large families, for example, may need a people carrier. If you fall into this category and have been let down in the past by hire companies, you will be keen to deal with a company which is reliable.

Covering twenty two thousand locations worldwide, we can offer straightforward car hire in Italy which will allow you to take in the country’s beautiful scenery and important tourist attractions on your own terms, with no waiting for public transport. We believe that some companies make the process of ensuring that you have this transportational freedom unnecessarily complicated and expensive. The money saved with our service can be spent on other things to make your holiday even more enjoyable.

See the Real Spain by Hitting the Highway

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Many holidaymakers flock to Spain because of its fabulous beaches and abundance of warm solar rays. Indeed, the country is something of a mecca for many tourists, who use it as a place to unwind and relax, as well as top up their tans. However, there is much more to the European nation than simply sun and sand. It has a fantastic, vibrant culture, interesting history and eateries to die for.

To experience all these wonders, you might want to consider taking advantage of car hire. After all, it is easy to book car hire in Spain. For example, you can arrange cheap car hire in Malaga quickly and simply online. The great thing about having the use of a set of wheels in this way is that you can get off the normal tourist routes and get a taste of the real country.

If you have a penchant for art or architecture, you might want to stop off at some of Antonio Gaudi’s buildings. His incredible and unusual works are truly something amazing to behold and their colour and style is even more impressive when you get to see them in person that when you study them in pictures.

Meanwhile, to get a flavour of Spain, you should try to find some traditional restaurants that are popular among locals. Sampling some truly delicious paella, lamb and cumin stew, fabulous seafood and other delicacies will satisfy your appetite and provide you with memories to last you a lifetime. And, of course, you can wash the whole thing down with a lovely glass of Rioja – although make sure you’ve finished your driving for the day if you choose to take a tipple!

Savvy Car Hire Can Help Keep Holiday Costs Down

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Let’s face it, we all love holidays. Breaks away from the trials and tribulations of your life at home can help keep you sane and provide you with some much needed rest and relaxation. And these days there are plenty of destinations to choose from. You can head to somewhere relatively close to home or venture far a field on long-haul flights.

However, as well as all the joy such occasions can bring about, they can also cause havoc with finances. If, like many consumers at present, you are struggling to make ends meet, you might have considered the idea of foregoing a vacation this year. But there may be no need to take such drastic measures. There are ways of limiting your spending when you are off on your travels and ensuring you do not break the bank in pursuit of some well-deserved leisure time.

One way to reduce your expenditure is to make sure you are savvy in your sourcing. Rather than wandering into a travel agents and agreeing to the first deal that comes up, you should investigate some of the great deals available over the web.

And the internet is also a good way of sourcing cheap car hire. By comparing the offerings advertised by different vehicle providers, you can rest assured you have not paid over the odds on car hire and this is true whether you are seeking car hire in Orlando, car hire in Spain or anywhere else.

Get Back to Basics in Australia

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There are many tourist hot spots in Australia. Those lucky enough to be able to travel to this beautiful, rugged country often head to places like Sydney. After all, this is the largest city in the nation and it has plenty to offer, not least the famous harbour bridge and the iconic opera house.

Other favourites include the Gold Coast, which is a magnet for those seeking sun, surf, sand and Adelaide, which is a great place to check out some culture.

However, if you are planning a trip Down Under, you might want to consider avoiding the usual places and instead getting to grips with the country’s more wild side. There are plenty of opportunities to get back to basics. For example, the Abercrombie River National Park, which is situated between Oberon and Taralga in the Blue Mountains, is the ideal place to spend some time close to nature.

By far the best way of reaching this fabulous spot is by arranging car hire. And, thanks to the availability of cheap car hire in Australia, you should not have to shell out too much to cover this. Once at the park, you can indulge in activities such as swimming, canoeing and fishing, and you will also get plenty of opportunities to explore the local flora and fauna.

If you decide to go for a trip like this, you would be well advised to take adequate drinking water and fuel, because you do not want to run out of such provisions in such a remote location.

Car Hire is Essential in Cyprus

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If you are going to Cyprus for your holiday this year you really should think about car hire. The main reason for this is because the public transport system on the island is, shall we say, a little hit and miss. Although there is a bus service, you will need to plan well in advance if you want to get from A to Z, or even A to B if you believe some reports from people who have spent holidays there!

So, now we have established that car hire is the best option for getting around, you’ll be pleased to hear that Leisure Cars have some fantastic deals when it comes to cheap car hire in Cyprus so you don’t need to look anywhere else for car hire in Cyprus.

One of the major bonuses of taking advantage of car hire in Cyprus is the fact that the Cypriots drive on the left of the road, which means you don’t have that uncomfortable hour or so of getting used to driving on the right. Another bonus for those who decide to go for cheap car hire in Cyprus – apart from the great prices! – is that all the road signs are in English. One thing to be aware of is the division on the island. The north is still controlled by Turkey, a fall out from the invasion of 1974, so take care not to stray across the border because apart from anything else, your insurance will be invalid in the Turkish sector.