Free Sat Nav and Free Additional Drivers is pleased to offer a free GPS Sat Nav and free additional drivers in some European countries for bookings up to 31 March 2012 and car rentals between 24 February and 30 April 2012.

In France excluding Corsica, a free additional driver is available on rentals taken up to 31 March offering a saving of £28 per week (33 euros). This free additional driver offer also applies to Portugal car hire for rentals up to 30 April 2012.

In Switzerland, a free GPS Sat Nav is available on selected car groups for rentals up to 30 April 2012 as well as winter snow tyres as standard and additional winter driving essentials. For car hire in Italy a free GPS Sat Nav is available on selected rentals up to 31 March 2012.

For Romania car hire between 24 February and 30 April 2012, receive a free upgrade from an Economy Car to a Compact Car while rental in Slovakia provide free additional driver and free child seat again on rentals up to 30 April 2012.

Tips for Driving in Cyprus

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Cyprus is a beautiful place to take a holiday. A trip to the island will give you the chance to experience beautiful weather, beaches and scenery. Car hire in Cyprus will help you to make the most of your wonderful holiday. An abundance of small, quiet roads makes driving in Cyprus not particularly challenging, but there are various rules that need to be abided by. Here are some tips for driving in Cyprus.

•    Unlike much of Europe, in Cyprus you drive on the left hand side of the road. This is the same as in the UK and Ireland, making driving in Cyprus a breeze!

•    Seat belts must be worn by all passengers in a vehicle, and any children under 5 years of age must sit in the back.

•    You must be over 18 years of age to drive in Cyprus. However, most car hire companies won’t rent a car to anyone under 25 years of age.

•    It is not permitted to use a mobile phone when driving in Cyprus. Doing so could result in an on the spot fine.

•    Road signs in Cyprus are displayed in both Greek Cypriot and English, and the distances are displayed in kilometres.

•    The speed limit in Cyprus is 100 kilometres an hour, and 80 kilometres an hour on rural roads. There is a limit of 50 kilometres an hour in built up areas.

•    If you are involved in an accident while driving, notify the emergency services by dialling 112. Don’t move your car until you are notified to by police.

Driving Down Under: Car Hire in Australia and New Zealand

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If you’re planning a visit to New Zealand or Australia, as a holiday in itself or as a stop-off during a larger trip, you will undoubtedly be interested in identifying companies who offer cheap car hire in New Zealand and Australia.

The widely varying nature of these countries – with lovely cities and stunning countryside alike deserving your time, attention and affection – will have you wanting to take in as much as possible during your stay. In New Zealand, visiting places of interest such as several of the shooting locations for Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the Lord of the Rings trilogy may be high on your to-do list. By arranging cheap car hire in New Zealand, you will be able to explore such attractions at your leisure.

Some people have aspirations to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but with cheap car hire in Australia, you may be able to satisfy a milder curiosity simply by driving across this incredible piece of architecture. In a car, you can enjoy more of the wide expanse that is Australia than when hopping from city to city by plane or train, creating a well-documented account of the country’s airport terminals and train stations.

Car hire in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond is important for those hoping to get a sense of a country, allowing families and groups of friends to experience new environments on their own terms. At leisurecars, we simplify the process of arranging this service, providing details for car rental in 135 countries worldwide.

Thermal Relaxation in New Zealand

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When you touch down in New Zealand, you might feel a bit like a child in a sweet shop. There is so much to do and so many places to explore, particularly if you are making use of car hire. There are adventure parks, extreme sports and cultural highlights for you to get to grips with all over this beautiful, green land.

However, if you are seeking a relaxing break, you can’t do better than to make your way to some of the thermal pools located in the country. New Zealand is situated at the meeting point of two tectonic plates and this means it is subject to a large amount of geothermal activity. For this reason, people residing in the country have long been in the habit of luxuriating in the pools of warm water that occur naturally in various areas.

There is nothing more comforting than soaking in the calming and therapeutic waters and, as you lie back and enjoy the experience, you will feel the cares of the world drift away. Such holiday experiences allow you to fully recharge your batteries and return to home life feeling energised and ready to take on the challenges awaiting you.

And one of the best ways of getting to these hot spots is by taking advantage of cheap car hire. Getting around like this means you have a great deal of flexibility. You are not ruled by tour company timetables and you can get to exactly the areas you want to see.

Wonderful Worldwide Car Hire

Filed under: Car Hire Abroad — Tags: , — admin @ 10:00 am December 27, 2010 is a worldwide car hire specialist who offers the greatest value for money deals on car hire in almost every nation on Earth all year round.  We do not exclusively deal with large national or multinational car hire organisations because if a local reputable firm can offer cheap car hire to our customers then we feel that we should pass on the saving to them directly.

We offer the best deal to our clients and that is our only priority; we are not in the pockets of any particular car hire firm but enjoy mutually respectful relationships with thousands of car hire providers worldwide.  Our only loyalty is to our customers and we pride ourselves on obtaining the best deals possible for them. Whether you require car hire in Spain or cheap car hire in New Zealand, we are sure to have a vehicle and a deal which tickles your fancy.

One thing which remains the same no matter where we operate is our commitment to excellence. Whether you are in Italy, Spain, France or Cyprus on holiday or on a business trip, we can find you the perfect vehicle which looks the part, performs well and is great value for money. If you need to go to the states for a sabbatical, a holiday or a family reunion, always choose for your car requirements.

In South Africa, our car hire deals are ‘lekker’ and our cheap car hire in New Zealand is legendary, just like the battle prowess of the Maori warriors.  For car hire in Spain, South Africa, Florida or anywhere else there are roads to drive on, choose our excellent service first- we are the global number one purveyors of car hire deals!

Awesome American Car Hire

Filed under: Car Hire Abroad — Tags: , — admin @ 10:00 am December 22, 2010  is your first stop when arranging car hire in the USA.  We have great relationships with nationwide car hire firms such as Dollar, Thrifty, Alamo and Budget as well as connections with a large network of quality local car hire outfits which can often offer as much choice and value as their larger competitors.

Freedom is set in stone in the US constitution and cheap car hire in the USA allows you to explore the very best which Uncle Sam has to offer. Whether you want to visit New Orleans during the carnival and imbibe the wonderful ambience of the Jazz capital, explore the everglades and water parks of Florida or catch the vibrant buzz of the Big Apple, car hire in the USA allows you to see as much as possible, even on a limited timescale and budget.

Cheap car hire in the USA can transport you across the county, enjoying wild adventures on the road along the way in the spirit of Jack Kerouac. You may want to visit Las Vegas to sample the casinos, take in a spectacular show or sit at the front row whilst watching a breathtaking world championship boxing match.  Alternatively, you could cruise into the California Republic and enjoy the sun-kissed easy vibe all day every day.

America is an exciting, dynamic and diverse nation which is a great melting pot of cultures from every nation on Earth. By securing the best deals on car hire in the USA with we are positive that you will ‘have a nice day’ every day of your holiday in America!

Fantastic French Car Hire

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At  we always pride ourselves on providing fantastic French car hire.  Car hire in France is the ideal way to insure that you make the best of your stay in this amazing Gallic nation which has become world famous for its art, food, culture and revolutionary history. France has very varied landscape and cheap car hire in France allows you to explore each area at your convenience.

Car hire in France can open us a vast range of opportunities for you, your partner and your loved ones. Whether you want to amble along the avenues of the capital of romance in Paris or enjoy a taste of the decadent film star lifestyle as you cruise the Croisette in Cannes being flashed by paparazzi, we can ensure that you do it in style.  The Cote D’Azur has become synonymous with taste and style and car hire in France can allow you to visit areas which have inspired some of the greatest artists in history. From Picasso to Matisse and beyond, artists continue to flock to the region because of the stunning scenery and the unique light which is literally unlike anything else on earth.

Alternatively, you may like to tour the Champagne region, staying overnight to fully enjoy some stunning sparkling refreshments as you soak up the scenery. From fashion to art and cuisine, France has led the way for centuries and continues to be a dynamic and exciting modern nation with a tradition of fiery social spirit and innovation. We can easily advise you of the best car hire deals in France which will allow you to enjoy this region to the fullest.

Welcome to Miami Car Hire

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Miami is a very special city; with its dramatic skyline, fantastic climate, beautiful beaches, outstanding architecture. Furthermore, its blend of cultures make for a unique nightlife, dynamic ambiance and a world class welcome for tourists from around the globe.  Cheap car hire in Miami allows you to cruise down to South Beach to soak up the sun and enjoy the magnificent Art Deco architecture, breathing in the fresh air as the sun beats down on your open-top beach mobile.

Furthermore, car hire in Miami and elsewhere in Florida can allow you to explore this spectacular region, the amazing everglades national park; the Florida Keys which inspired Ernest Hemingway and the world famous water-parks which keep families from across the globe delighted and entertained. Miami is all about freedom and opportunity, and car hire in Miami is always best left to the experts at leisure cars. We have great relationships with national car hire firms such as Alamo, Thrifty, Dollar and Budget but we also have expert knowledge of reputable local firms which can sometimes offer very competitive deals on car hire in the region.

Whether you require a convertible to cruise the beaches with your partner or a family vehicle to transport your kids to the water parks or Disneyworld, we can completely satisfy your personal requirements.  If you are in Miami on business then we can find you an excellent executive vehicle which will ooze professionalism and power. At  we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ service; but rather a personalised bespoke car hire service which values every customer equally.

Fancy Following in the Footsteps of the Stars?

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If you are a fan of movies from across the pond, you may well relish the experience of following in footsteps of some of the stars.

One great way of doing this is to arrange a trip to America. Flights these days can be a bargain and before you know it, you can be standing next to some of those famous landmarks that appear in so many Hollywood blockbusters.

And to make your stay even better, you should consider arranging car hire in the USA.

Doing this provides you with a tremendous amount of freedom and means you are not confined to the usual tourist traps.

Also, car hire means you can go on road trips to see some of the places you have witnessed in your favourite films and you can achieve all of this at your own pace – as long as you make it back to get your flight home on time of course!

This can be one of the most relaxing ways of seeing the USA and it can also be cost effective.

Meanwhile, taking car hire in Orlando, Miami or any other city in the nation means you get to stop off in those iconic road-side diners that feature in so many films.

You can order your very own coffee and pancakes, just like they do in the movies!

So, next time you feel inspired by a big screen hit, why not take some time off work, book your flights and car hire and set off across the Atlantic?

Finding the Best Cheap Car Hire in Orlando

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Travelling to Orlando can be the holiday of a lifetime. There are so many things to see and do that people of all ages and interests can’t fail to have fun, and the best way to enjoy this truly stunning area would be to find car rental services. But, budget will often be the overriding factor, so how can you find the best cheap car hire in Orlando?

The first thing you’ll need to do is research. There are so many car hire companies on offer that it can sometimes seem difficult to know where to start, and all of them will be able to offer something slightly different to their customers. Take a look around to see what each one can offer, as going for the first one you find rarely leads to the best prices.

Remember that it’s often best to book in advance to find the best deals, as leaving it until you actually arrive in Orlando could bring any number of financial and other difficulties. By booking online you could well find that you save a great deal of cash, and that can mean added spending money to enjoy your time there.

But, if you really want to find cheap car hire in Orlando, make sure to come to us here at We have access to some of the best car hire services available to save you shopping around, and when you come to us you can be sure of an exceptional service at fantastic prices. So, for cheap car hire in Orlando (or anywhere else for that matter), come to us and see what we have to offer.