The Freedom of Global Driving

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Some folks adore train travel, some enjoy restful slumber aboard a long distance coach, and some of the bravest individuals even enjoy fathoming local public transport around the world (ever tried taking a bus in rural Japan? Good luck if your kanji reading skills are lacking). But for most of us – particularly those used to the privacy and freedom of a car back home – nothing compares to the fantastic relief of being able to slide in behind the wheel (reserving a moment to mentally hug the driving test examiner who passed us!) and take off at will down the open road.

As much as we all moan about traffic jams, fuel prices, prangs and the fact that Grandma insists on only making left turns to get everywhere because she doesn’t like to cross oncoming traffic, the simple fact is that car travel affords a valuable element of flexibility.

Cheap car hire in South Africa, Canada, Australia etc is arguably one of the most frugal, reliable, safe and enjoyable ways to get around. Car hire in Canada, for example, can have you drifting easily from city to mountain range, across plains and to diverse coasts.

Quick trips abroad never really seem like the most beneficial time to master local public transport. Car hire in Spain or even car hire in the UK presents the perfect solution to short-term transport conundrums.

Whatever your reason for travel – business, holidays, an unquenchable urge to see the world – cheap car hire could go a long way to giving you the freedom of travel that makes all the difference between a trip and a journey!

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