Off the Beaten Track: Car Hire in South Africa

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Cheap car hire in South Africa is fast becoming one of our most popular cheap car hire search requests. Family holidays, short and long-term business commitments, solo travellers – our customers hail from across the spectrum.

One of the first things people are warned about when looking for car hire in South Africa is cowboy rental firms. Make no bones about it; there are a lot of them about! We’re extremely accomplished in sourcing only reputable rental agents who are proven to have excellent customer service, transparent insurance coverage (we can make sure you’re definitely covered if monkeys steal the wiper blades or an elephant sit on the bonnet!), breakdown cover applicable to the areas you wish to visit and relevant local knowledge to cover legal protocols etc. For example, some car rental agents won’t allow you to cross South Africa’s border in one of their rental cars.

When driving in South Africa, it’s worth noting the following titbits to make your travels as stress-free as possible:

• Outside developed areas road surfaces are often poorly maintained and sometimes badly marked.

• Look out for wildlife on the roads. Large domestic cattle, donkeys and sheep often wander at the sides (or slap in the middle!) of roads.

• Driving at night can be dangerous for a number of reasons, namely the fact that many roads are badly lit, making it much harder to see potential hazards, signs and road markings.

• Road blocks are less common in South Africa than across the rest of the continent. Be polite and open but remain wary; if an “official” tells you to pay a fine but can’t show you any ID, ask to be taken to the local police station for proof.

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