The Long and Winding Roads of New Zealand

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One of our team was recently on a long haul flight into Heathrow (after the snow chaos!) and spent considerable time chatting to some folks returning from a year of travel around the world. With an age range of 20-34, our team member found it interesting to note that every person immediately (and loudly) proclaimed New Zealand as their favourite place when asked!

Cheap care hire in New Zealand is a blossoming market. As an intensely scenic country, tourist access to New Zealand’s plethora of mountains, valleys, reserves and nature spots is paramount to the country’s economy. New Zealand infrastructure relies heavily upon well-maintained roads and vehicle access (although the Highway Network suffers an element of bad reputation at badly-maintained road surfaces).

As our airport friends professed, New Zealand is a country to see from the air or under your own steam (e.g. cheap car hire in New Zealand) The spectrum of hidden landscape gems and so on makes it a wonderful place to invest in a little cheap car hire, sling your pack in the pack and head off over the mountains!

Driving in other English-speaking countries is usually a bit of a relief for most folks, especially when the driving side is on the left like New Zealand, but never forget that traffic laws, etiquette and protocols could still vary greatly. For example, you risk a fine of around £75 per person for not buckling up at all times in ANY vehicle!

Exploring New Zealand by car gives you the chance to unwind, take the wheel and feel the relaxed Kiwi way of life.

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