Car Hire Fuel Policy

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Car rental companies’ fuel policy will often vary by company, location and the duration of the rental so it is important to understand the fuel policy of the rental before you book. When booking with the fuel policy of a particular rental is explained in the Rental Conditions link under Booking Engine Terms and Conditions before you confirm the booking. The most common fuel policies are as follows

Pick Up Full, Return Full

The most common car hire fuel policy is pick up full, return full whereby the rental car comes with a full tank of fuel and should be returned with a full tank of fuel. If the vehicle is not returned full then the rental company will charge locally for fuel often at a much higher price than can be found at a local service station.

It is quite common for rental companies to provide a car with less than a full tank. If this is the case return the car with the same level as at the start of the rental. It is important to always check the fuel level when you first start the vehicle at the beginning of the rental and make sure the fuel gauge agrees with what is on the contract or statement of vehicle condition.

Pick Up Full, Return Empty

Sometimes used on longer duration rentals, the car will have a full tank of fuel at the beginning of the rental and should be returned empty. No money will be refunded if the vehicle is returned with fuel in the tank.