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You may well have jetted to an unfamiliar continent, taken a taxi from the airport, a five hour train journey to the end of the line, a local bus as far as you can… and still you’re short of your destination by thirty miles! Cheap car hire is the answer, my friend!

We provide 24 hour support, so either call our team or use the online tool to search for the best prospective global car hire deals. Plus, our online service is free from favour, meaning you’re not going to be lumbered with expensive car hire simply because they’re an affiliate of ours.

We specialise in seeking out the best rental rates and deals across the globe – from touring the Australian outback in a 4×4 (you’ll need it!) to luxury car hire in Miami – with the aim of making your travel necessities a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable!

We find a lot of our customers don’t look for out and out cheapness, but for deals, for value over tight-fistedness. The best deal for you could include free provision of a child car seat, inclusive elephant insurance (car hire in South Africa), soft-top upgrade at no extra cost or a 12-passenger minibus for the price of a minivan.

One of the numerous benefits of using our online service is that our agents can create bespoke searches to help you get the best value for money on your car hire travel needs.

Car Hire in Australia: The Outback

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At some undefined point “the bush” of Australia becomes “the outback”, a mass of sun-baked, treacherous land stretching thousands of kilometres across internal Australia. Although the Indian Pacific railway traverses the continent from Sydney to Perth (taking about three days), most folks intent on exploring the Australian outback have one option – cheap car hire.

Cheap car hire in Australia is a fairly accessible thing. A lot of bush and outback roads are poorly maintained, but car hire companies are familiar with such landscape issues and are generally happy to tutor you a little on situations such as what to do if your car becomes stuck in sand etc (let a little air out of the tyres to increase the surface area)

Top advice tends to focus around not going off-road, always carry a good map (before setting out it’s a good idea to ask a few locals if there are any landmarks they could note on your maps which aren’t labelled), always carry extra fuel, water and emergency rations (around 2litres of water per person and 20litres of fuel) and make sure a reliable person has your driving schedule. Many outback driving route start points are in relatively small towns, the inhabitants of which will likely be able to point you in the direction of a local or district tourist officer who can take note of your plans.

Exploring Australia with a car hire is one of the cheapest, most gratifying ways in which to see everything she has to offer.

Car Hire in France: C’est Magnifique!

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The incredible diversity of France’s culture, landscape and attractions makes it one of the most interesting places to seek out cheap car hire and venture off in search of chic couture, wine, cheese, golf, water parks – anything!

As a key arrival city for international travellers, cheap car hire in Paris is something we’ve got covered. We find a huge number of adventurous folks are eager to hit the road in search of their own epic French journey. Bordering Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium, France is the perfect start/finish point to your European travels.

A top tip from our team – be careful of parking restrictions throughout France. Traffic police are not known for their sense of humour, and enforce parking regulations with intense stringency throughout medium sized towns to major cities. “Stationnement Alterne Semi-Mensal” signs often cause a little confusion amongst non-native drivers. They basically mean that for the first half of a month parking is permitted on one side of the road, but for the remaining half it will only be permitted on the other side (the idea being to minimise traffic congestion) Signs usually carry the figures “1-15” or “16-31” meaning you can’t park on the side of the road between the dates posted.

Despite occasionally confusing parking regulations, car hire in France is generally a very easy option to get around. Cheap car hire agents are fairly numerous, but it’s worth booking through an online service like ours to eliminate language barrier issues and search for the absolute best deals.

East Coast Epic: Car Hire in Australia

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The East Coast of Australia holds some of the continent’s greatest treasures – Great Ocean Drive and the Mornington Peninsula, the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays and Sydney amongst them. Each year more and more of our clients return to Australia (and to us) for further adventure.

Cheap car hire in Australia is noted as being one of the absolute top ways to explore this diverse and laid-back coastline at your leisure.

The most popular form of business travel in Australia is air travel, but don’t let that fool you, cheap car hire is fast becoming an incredibly attractive option for adventurous professionals who look for a little more than free peanuts and a cloudy view from their business trips!

A massive number of our clients are holiday travellers looking to see as much of mainland Australia as possible at their own pace. Countless Australian tourist websites extol the experience of driving the East Coast. North to south – Cairns to Sydney – is almost 2500km (that’s around 48 hours continuous driving time) and is reputed to take around three weeks. Most folks opt for this trip as it means flying into the north coast rather than crossing the continent to the south. Many of the folks our team spoke to also joked it made a great excuse to enjoy Sydney, turn around and drive all the way back again (anything for a cheaper plane fare!)

Car hire in Australia is cheap, reliable and in our opinion the ONLY way to enjoy the most carefree, beautiful and surprising continent on earth.

Off the Beaten Track: Car Hire in South Africa

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Cheap car hire in South Africa is fast becoming one of our most popular cheap car hire search requests. Family holidays, short and long-term business commitments, solo travellers – our customers hail from across the spectrum.

One of the first things people are warned about when looking for car hire in South Africa is cowboy rental firms. Make no bones about it; there are a lot of them about! We’re extremely accomplished in sourcing only reputable rental agents who are proven to have excellent customer service, transparent insurance coverage (we can make sure you’re definitely covered if monkeys steal the wiper blades or an elephant sit on the bonnet!), breakdown cover applicable to the areas you wish to visit and relevant local knowledge to cover legal protocols etc. For example, some car rental agents won’t allow you to cross South Africa’s border in one of their rental cars.

When driving in South Africa, it’s worth noting the following titbits to make your travels as stress-free as possible:

• Outside developed areas road surfaces are often poorly maintained and sometimes badly marked.

• Look out for wildlife on the roads. Large domestic cattle, donkeys and sheep often wander at the sides (or slap in the middle!) of roads.

• Driving at night can be dangerous for a number of reasons, namely the fact that many roads are badly lit, making it much harder to see potential hazards, signs and road markings.

• Road blocks are less common in South Africa than across the rest of the continent. Be polite and open but remain wary; if an “official” tells you to pay a fine but can’t show you any ID, ask to be taken to the local police station for proof.

The Long and Winding Roads of New Zealand

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One of our team was recently on a long haul flight into Heathrow (after the snow chaos!) and spent considerable time chatting to some folks returning from a year of travel around the world. With an age range of 20-34, our team member found it interesting to note that every person immediately (and loudly) proclaimed New Zealand as their favourite place when asked!

Cheap care hire in New Zealand is a blossoming market. As an intensely scenic country, tourist access to New Zealand’s plethora of mountains, valleys, reserves and nature spots is paramount to the country’s economy. New Zealand infrastructure relies heavily upon well-maintained roads and vehicle access (although the Highway Network suffers an element of bad reputation at badly-maintained road surfaces).

As our airport friends professed, New Zealand is a country to see from the air or under your own steam (e.g. cheap car hire in New Zealand) The spectrum of hidden landscape gems and so on makes it a wonderful place to invest in a little cheap car hire, sling your pack in the pack and head off over the mountains!

Driving in other English-speaking countries is usually a bit of a relief for most folks, especially when the driving side is on the left like New Zealand, but never forget that traffic laws, etiquette and protocols could still vary greatly. For example, you risk a fine of around £75 per person for not buckling up at all times in ANY vehicle!

Exploring New Zealand by car gives you the chance to unwind, take the wheel and feel the relaxed Kiwi way of life.

Driving and Discovery: Gap Year Freedom

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Taking a gap year is something growing numbers of undergraduate students are attracted to each year. Whilst a number use the time to relax at home (perhaps getting really good at Sudoku or establishing a world-class Battlefield 2142 online gaming clan!), most gap year fanatics head off to foreign parts for a first taste of freedom, exploration and  fun!

The average gap year student isn’t heading off to a year of sunbathing. Gap year programmes are, more often than not, organised and partially funded by Non-Government Organisations (charities) with the aim of helping gap year students mature, learn and experience bountifully in a environment they wouldn’t normally have access too e.g. building houses in Bolivia, teaching English in Cambodia etc. Simply put – frugal living is generally a must!

With free time and finances of gap year students often being so limited, it’s important to make the most of every chance to explore. Car hire affords eager gap year explorers the freedom to discover at will. The more bums in car seats, the cheaper the car hire per person!

The likes of cheap car hire in South Africa are perhaps the most cost-effective, safe and reliable ways to travel. Although globally varying age restrictions apply to car hire in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and so on, exceptions can sometimes be made at the rental agents discretion. Our access to the best cheap car hire rates around the globe puts us in a wonderful position to seek out such providers.

The Legal Stuff: Your Driving Licence

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Every country’s traffic and licence laws are a little different. For example, in France you risk a hefty fine for not carrying the car’s log book in the vehicle at all times. Of course, such paperwork issues needn’t be a problem when investing in our car hire in France service.

Driving age limits vary from country to country. Rental agents often set their own lower and upper age limits to keep insurance premiums down too (even car hire in the UK is available to over-21’s only, with most agents opting for over-25’s). More often than not, in the cases of very young or senior drivers, an excess fee may be charged. This applies to car hire in Italy, France etc too. Cheap car hire in the USA tends to be a little more lenient due to the lower driving age and higher alcohol age restriction.

Residents of EC/EAA countries can usually drive in other EC/EAA countries on their regular driving license unless their license is not written using the Roman alphabet. Citizens from non-EC/EAA countries or citizens from EC/EAA countries wishing to drive in non-EC/EAA countries must apply for an International Driving Permit at a cost of around £5.50.

Remember: If you have a photo ID driving licence you must present the paper counterpart when collecting your rental. Without both parts of your licence (plus the International Driving Licence document if necessary) you won’t be going anywhere in that hire car.

The Freedom of Global Driving

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Some folks adore train travel, some enjoy restful slumber aboard a long distance coach, and some of the bravest individuals even enjoy fathoming local public transport around the world (ever tried taking a bus in rural Japan? Good luck if your kanji reading skills are lacking). But for most of us – particularly those used to the privacy and freedom of a car back home – nothing compares to the fantastic relief of being able to slide in behind the wheel (reserving a moment to mentally hug the driving test examiner who passed us!) and take off at will down the open road.

As much as we all moan about traffic jams, fuel prices, prangs and the fact that Grandma insists on only making left turns to get everywhere because she doesn’t like to cross oncoming traffic, the simple fact is that car travel affords a valuable element of flexibility.

Cheap car hire in South Africa, Canada, Australia etc is arguably one of the most frugal, reliable, safe and enjoyable ways to get around. Car hire in Canada, for example, can have you drifting easily from city to mountain range, across plains and to diverse coasts.

Quick trips abroad never really seem like the most beneficial time to master local public transport. Car hire in Spain or even car hire in the UK presents the perfect solution to short-term transport conundrums.

Whatever your reason for travel – business, holidays, an unquenchable urge to see the world – cheap car hire could go a long way to giving you the freedom of travel that makes all the difference between a trip and a journey!

Women and Solo Car Hire: Safety Tips

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With many women feeling a little uneasy about taking public transport alone in an unfamiliar place, cheap car hire presents an excellent alternative around the globe. We asked some rental agents to submit a few helpful hints and tips regarding women, safety and car hire abroad.

•    Consider the statistics. Government figures suggest most crimes against female drivers occur when they’re leaving or heading back to their parked cars; large car parks and spots hidden from view are most common so avoid dimly lit car parks and shadowy side streets.
•    Keep the car keys in a handy spot. Most car crimes are crimes of opportunity; limit the time frame, reduce the criminal’s chances.
•    Keep in touch with a friend who knows your proposed travel plans; this point is applicable to all travellers.
•    Lock the car from the inside at all times; it only takes a second and could easily save you from a crime.
•     Whether you’re looking for car hire in Italy, car hire in the USA, the UK, Australia, South Africa – anywhere – be sure to do a little research on your destination area’s crime figures, noting down any regions of instability or danger.

When travelling alone, driving is one of the safest forms of transport across the globe. If you have any questions regarding personal safety and car hire, don’t hesitate to ask our team or speak to your rental provider when you collect your hire car.