City Living – Rent or Buy that Dream Car?

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Transport is often a point of major stress when living in a city. Whether it’s a traffic jam that stretches for miles on end or yet another late train, it seems whichever mode of transport you prefer there will always be a problem. But which is better – owning a car, or relying on public transport and renting a car for those long distance journeys?

Although the freedom of owning a car may seem appealing, as soon as you enter into the city centre it turns into a nightmare. Congestion charges need to be added on to the cost of buying, insuring and maintaining your vehicle, as well as that ever increasing cost of fuel. Add to this the time wasted sitting in traffic jams and suddenly the nightmare is a reality.

On the other hand, despite the bad press it receives, public transport does have it’s benefits. A weekly ticket will often save you money, save long queues, do your bit for the environment and also solve the problem of a value depreciating vehicle.

When you need to travel further, maybe getting away from the city life and visiting that wonderful greenery we call the countryside, car hire can be a cheap and reliable option. With the newest vehicles and insurance included, and with an abundance of cheap car hire companies around, car hire doesn’t have to break the bank.

Although you may traditionally associate it with being on holiday, car hire in the UK may well provide you with just the freedom you need.

Hire Cars and Higher Prices

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If you’re planning to travel around a lot when you’re heading abroad and have already decided that car hire will be the best option, then it may also be worth looking into which countries will save you money. With so many beautiful sights out there to see, wherever you decide, there is sure to be plenty to do.

Prices vary when it comes to car hire in Spain. Usually, prices are dependent on a weeks rental and you can purchase a car which provides plenty of space for your luggage and passengers.

Car hire prices differ from country to country, so it pays to do your research and find a reputable company that offer value for money vehicles. So the price you pay for car hire in France may be more expensive than cheap car hire in Bulgaria.

One point to consider when looking at car hire is also road tolls. Although the price for car hire in Spain and France is the same, France is renowned for massive toll charges. Driving from Lille to Paris would cost you £14.90 while Reims to Mont Blanc Tunnel would set you back a massive £51.90. When planning which country to visit it’s important to keep these charges in mind to avoid any unexpected costs.

With the cheap car hire that’s available in Bulgaria and the lack of road toll charges, a lesser visited Eastern Europe country may be worth bearing in mind when it comes to a cost-effective, exciting holiday. So you can discover new places and exciting scenery and save money while you do it.

Why You Should Book Car Hire Before You Go

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Once the plane tickets are sorted and the hotel has been booked, one of the next things on your mind should be sorting out cheap car hire. Despite many big names having desks at the airport, you are bound to get a much better deal booking before hand.

Several comparison sites have been created to help you search the websites that are out there, doing all the hard work for you. Some websites may also offer repeat customer discounts, so try and provide them with an email address, as this may mean you receive discounts and vouchers for the future.

When booking online it is important to check the website is reputable. It may be worth putting the company name into a search engine in order to read reviews. As with other websites, check it’s secure before inputting any payment details.

Always make sure you check the terms and conditions of the policy. Some car hire companies will provide third party insurance only, whilst others will be fully comprehensive. If it is third party only, be sure to notify the company of any damage which already exists when you pick up the car to avoid being hit with charges.

Booking ahead on cheap car hire websites could save you a great deal of money, leaving more for the all important treats whilst you’re enjoying the sun. So wherever you are going on holiday this year, cheap car hire in Spain, France and beyond is readily available with just a click of a button.

Rent, Lease or Buy When Working Abroad?

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Whether you’re on a placement or a company exchange, there are numerous opportunities in life where you may end up working abroad for a short period of time. The location of your workplace may mean you need a car. But how long does it take before leasing or buying a car becomes more cost effective than renting?

Car leasing used to be the only option when staying somewhere for a prolonged period of time; however with more and more cheap car hire websites and companies springing up everyday, car hire may now be more cost effective.

Car hire
will also give you much more freedom as, generally, leasing contracts run for 12 or 24 months, meaning that if your work placement gets cut short, or even if you just decide you don’t need to have the car anymore, you will be stuck within that contract. Many car hire options allow you to renew at the end of each week or month, making it a lot easier should you need to cancel.

Buying a car may seem an attractive option, as many people feel renting is ‘throwing away’ money. However, although you can sell the car if you’ve bought it, cars lose value so quickly that even after a short period of time you will make a loss. Car hire allows you to drive newer cars and includes insurance, so you certainly won’t be losing money.

Since they are easily accessible, you can find cheap car hire in the UK, USA, and Australia or any other country. So, you can be sure the perfect car will be ready and waiting for you.

The Best Way to Travel Abroad

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For some people, the only travel they need on holiday is from the airport to the beach and that’s them set for the week. However, if you wish to visit the surrounding areas whilst you’re away, you will need some form of transport.

We often hear rumours of how good the rail services are abroad, usually whilst stood waiting for yet another delayed train. However it is hit and miss. Some are great, clean, on time and cheap. On the other hand some have no air-conditioning, over-priced fares and run just as late as ours.

An easier option is car hire. Traditionally seen as a more expensive option, many companies now offer easy, reliable and cheap car hire with smaller, more eco-friendly cars available. Having a car whilst on holiday will result in complete freedom, giving you the chance to visit places which may not be on train or bus routes, whilst also giving you the power to decide how long you want to stay at your chosen destinations.

The presence and accessibility of car hire companies continues to grow year on year, with most familiar names having desks at airports and hotels. However, for the best rates, book online beforehand so you can be certain that whether you are looking for car hire in France to fit in all the sights or cheap car hire in Florida to save extra pennies for the all important theme parks, you’ll get the best deal possible.

Driving Abroad

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Driving your car abroad can be a very confusing, tricky process. Laws and regulations differ in regards to driving in almost every country, and a happy holiday or quick business trip can quickly turn into a nightmare.

The insurance implications on taking your car away can be baffling at best, with some policies not covering foreign travel at all, while most only cover your third-party. Any accidents can therefore cause you a logistical headache but also a financial one.

Then there is the confusing mire of what is compulsory and what is simply recommended. When driving on the other side of the road, headlight converters are obligatory and in many countries you may need first aid kits, high visibility jackets, warning triangles, first aid kits, spare bulbs and even fan belts or face on the spot fines.

One alternative to consider is car hire. While it may seem pointless when you have a perfectly good car sat in your driveway,  car hire might not just save you the hassle of preparing your car for foreign terrain, but it could also save you money too.

When holidaying in southern Europe for instance, cheap car hire in Spain would not only save you the cost of the outbound journey and the expensive toll roads en route, but will leave you prepared for life on the continental roads in a car equipped specifically for it. So, next time you want that driving holiday in Europe, car hire might just be the best way to go.

Tips for Hiring a Car Abroad

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Many people think of car hire as confusing and costly. And it can be if you don’t think ahead. However, with the right advice, you can be saving money whether you want cheap car hire in France or luxury car hire in the USA.

Book online: car hire is significantly cheaper when booking in advance. Hire costs at the counter are much higher than even booking just a few hours ahead.

Size matters: Unless you are planning on living in your car or providing a removal service, going for a smaller, more modest car will almost always reduce the price. It will also save you money on fuel too.

Grab a deal:
Many companies offer deals for longer periods or during off-peak times. Also be sure to look out for special promotions and keep codes safe to ensure you get the right deal when booking.

Plan your route: While cheap car hire in France and other European countries may seem like the cheapest way to go, many countries have no road tax and instead charge tolls on major roads. Be sure to plan ahead and avoid as many as possible so as not to lose the savings you have already made.

Know what you’re getting: most car hire companies give you an all-in price, but some may hide hidden extras such as fuel charges, taxes or collision damage waiver fees.

These are just a few simple ways to save time, money and hassle and make car hire the most cost-effective way to go.

The Benefits of Car Hire Abroad

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Driving your car abroad may seem like an extremely easy way to see everything you want to see and award you the opportunity to go off on a whim to brand new places and explore hidden, remote treats you might otherwise have missed.

However, there are certain implications when driving your own car that must not be overlooked. Firstly, you must ensure your insurance policy covers you for travel abroad. Many people overlook this and find themselves with huge fines when discovered. Also, most policies only cover you third-party meaning that if you have an accident you will be left to pick up a rather large, holiday-ruining bill. If the car needs to be recovered, you need to ensure you have the correct recovery insurance to be towed back to the UK.

These few facts alone, not to mention the initial costs of getting to and from your destination, mean that for those who want to roam abroad, car hire is almost always a better option. Cheap car hire can cut costs as well as the massive headaches should something go wrong. With differing road laws abroad, car hire in Spain for instance will also give you the spare tyre, fan belt, bulbs and tool kit you may not have even realised you legally need. Car hire in France will furnish you with the regulatory fire extinguisher, first aid kit and emergency triangle. So by choosing to rent, you are not only saving money, but you are also staying safe.

Europe by Car

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So you’ve decided you want to see Europe, to travel to all the popular must-see destinations and throw in a few hidden gems off the beaten track for good measure. Now the only thing you need to decide is how best to do it.

There is much to be said for rail services, with much of Western Europe well connected – but as you move further east, routes become more sporadic and costs can mount up massively. Likewise, travelling down from the UK in the car may seem like a cheap option, but the cost of toll roads on main routes through Europe can be huge with high costs incurred before you’ve even reached your destination.

One of the best ways to retain flexibility without boosting costs is to visit each area individually rather than thinking of your journey as a single trip. Cheap car hire in Europe is one of the easiest ways to see everything you want without adding a huge initial cost. Moving across countries via train, plane for instance and combining this with car hire will ensure you have the flexibility to see everything you want without huge, spiralling costs.

If you’re not convinced, think about this: cheap car hire in Spain can mean that within a couple of hours and with little expense you could hop from the beach to the ski slopes while cheap car hire in Italy can have you seeing the Vatican and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the same afternoon.

Making the Most of Your Holiday

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Many Brits head off into the sun every year with the intention of doing little more than covering themselves in cooking oil and basking in the glorious heat until they are golden brown or burnt to a crisp. But for the rest of us, there’s often a lot more to a well-earned break than the local beach.

Making the most of your time away can be a nightmare of family and friend politics and compromises of time and plans. One of the easiest ways to overcome any potential arguments is to hire a car. Car hire may seem to be an unnecessary additional cost to an already expensive time, but unless you’re taking a city break, then public transport may leave something to be desired.

Even in countries where public transport is both clean and frequent, holidaymakers may still have trouble trying to enjoy the more remote treats. Natural beauty spots and hidden gems are often only reachable by organised excursions, where the cost for a family or small group of friends can be much more than that of the cost of car hire for a number of days.

For example, cheap car hire in Spain for one day may be cheaper than the cost of a day’s excursion for one person, so if you can fill the car, the savings can be tremendous. The freedom that cheap car hire offers will also mean you’re not only saving time and money, but also a fair few arguments along the way.