What Do You Need for Car Hire?

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Each country has its own laws, rules and regulations, and it is important to respect these appropriately whenever you venture out of the UK.

For example, were you aware that for car hire in Spain, Portugal and other countries, it is a legal requirement to have spare light bulbs, a reflective jacket and warning triangle in your vehicle in case of a breakdown?

Like most other things, if you do visit a country with these sort of requirements, it is often much cheaper to buy this equipment at home before departure – but what else is required for care hire abroad?

Although this varies from country to country, below is a list of recommended items that should be taken on holiday – whether you are looking for car hire in New Zealand or South Africa:

-    If you require glasses to drive, take a spare pair
-    Remember a tool kit just in case the worst happens
-    Take a satellite navigation system equipped with information for the appropriate area
-    Bring a map in case the sat-nav experiences a malfunction, and
-    Learn some basic motoring terms in case of an emergency breakdown.

When you hire the car, it’s also a good idea to insist on a spare set of care keys from the car rental company, just in case the first set is lost and you don’t want to run the risk of leaving the car unattended in an unfamiliar area.

Car hire can be a complex part of your trip if you don’t adequately prepare yourself. It is therefore essential that you do your research into the country you are visiting and ensure that you are as prepared as possible in any eventuality.

Car Hire – Know the Basics

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If you are looking to take on a car hire agreement for your holiday, business trip or any other endeavour, you may think that it is as simple as arriving at your destination and taking out a few minutes of your first day to meet with the first care hire company you find and take the cheapest car.

At, we would urge you to re-think this plan immediately. Not only can leaving your car hire until the last minute result in overcharges, but you may also be getting a car that barely meets any of your requirements.

Our comparison service is ideal for navigating around this issue, and can help you to get with the basics involved with reliable and cheap car hire, and which things you should be asking or looking for when you plan to undertake one of these agreements.

However, it is also important to be aware of some of the fundamentals before you can even consider the type of car you are looking to hire.

Most people don’t realise that there is an age limit on car hire, and simply assume that because they are old enough to legally drive their own car that they can hire one elsewhere. The age requirements for car hire vary from twenty-one to twenty-five, so you will need to check the laws of the specific country you are visiting to avoid disappointment.

You should also consider taking out an insurance policy that covers Collision Damage Waiver and Excess. This can be very expensive if done locally in the country you are visiting, and is considerably cheaper if done ahead of time.

These simple points are just some of the essential things that need to be taken on-board when car hire for your holiday is being considered, and it is important that you are aware of anything that could hinder your car hire going through smoothly.

Legal Requirements and Insurance

Sorting out a car for hire on your holiday is taxing in itself. Traditionally fraught with difficulties and issues, and the amount of scams from unethical car hire firms seeming to rise, people are seeking a car hire company that they can trust to give them the best offer for their money.

At, we do just that, and offer an unbiased service based on customer satisfaction and helping people to get the highest quality and best offers for their budgets.

We also want to make our client aware of the other expectations that come with car hire abroad, and insist that our customers are provided with as much information as possible about what, exactly, they will need to know or have in their possession to make the car rental process as easy as possible.

When it comes to the actual driving licence held by the customer, most countries do actually permit national driving licence holders to drive on this licence for as long as three months without quarrel. There are still countries, however, that will require you to have an international driving licence, which can be easily picked up from the AA, or even the Post Office.

In terms of insurance, any insurance policy that you currently have is usually enough to satisfy legal requirements in the EU. Outside of this jurisdiction, however, this can change – although there are many non-EU countries employing the Green Card scheme (this covers the legal minimum for insurance).

Always find out which laws are held in the country you are visiting before departure, so that any essential documents can be easily produced when required and you avoid any issues with your car hire firm.

Paying For Fuel

It is essential that whenever you go through the car hire process, you make sure that you and the company are in full agreement and are crystal clear of the fuel expenses.

There are many options available when it comes to the fuel agreement, and below is a run-down from the experts at of which fuel expense agreements are the cheapest, and which are best left avoided.

If you opt to drive the car from the company’s base with a full tank and return it with a full tank, you are making use of what is most likely the simplest and cheapest option. However, you will still need to be cautious and be one-hundred percent sure that you have returned the tank completely full. If the company feels that more fuel could have been added then not only will you have to pay for the fuel itself, but also the charge for the labour of refuelling – and what may seem like cheap car hire can turn expensive when all is taken into account.

The second common option is to buy a full tank and return the car empty, which initially appears to be the most favourable option available. However, this method actually turns out to be the most expensive in most cases, as the petrol you buy from the care hire firm more often than not turns out to be much more expensive than that bought from any local petrol station. You also will not be refunded for any petrol unused in the tank.

Finally, you could just pay the care hire company only for the fuel that you actually use, which sounds simple enough, but can result in heavy premiums being charged to the customer that can equate as more expensive that filling the tank up yourself.

At, we aim to ensure that anyone considering car hire in Spain, the USA, Australia and many other countries and fully prepared for the commitment, and have the opportunity to compare as many price and companies as possible before making a final decision.

Only Use Ethical Car Hire Firms

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There are many fraudulent companies out there simply looking to make a quick buck, so it’s important that you are vigilant when doing business with a car hire company.

If you have already booked the car that you intend to use on your holiday or business trip, it may be worth considering these points before it’s too late to back out of the hire.

If you have already booked to use a certain car, when you get to your destination, make sure you take a few pictures of the car in its current condition. This will help you to avoid any disputes later on down the line in the event of any scratches or dents, so you can prove whether or not these were incurred before your term of car hire.

Make sure you are fully aware of the fuel policy in place, and that you know which kind of fuel the car uses. Fraudulent companies will take any opportunity to rip you off, so it is important to make sure that you don’t fill the car up with the wrong fuel and give them reason to charge you for damages.

It is also essential to keep hold of the 24-hour contact number of the car hire company – just in case of an accident or emergency breakdown. It is especially important to make sure you have this number if you intend to take the car somewhere with sand dunes, or along particularly poor road surfaces.

To make sure that you haven’t been duped, it is also a good idea to pay on your bank card so that you can check to see if any extra charges have been added to your account. This can also be more easily tracked in the event of any hidden expenses being charged to your account. However, don’t be put off hiring a car because there are plenty of reputable car hire companies out there and just because you find cheap car hire doesn’t automatically mean it is a poor or unethical company. Do your homework and you have a great chance of finding affordable car hire for your holiday with a top company.

Research Driving Laws Before Holidaying

As we are all aware, the laws of driving differ from country to country – and in the case of America, from state to state.

This can make driving a car abroad quite complex, and even dangerous if you aren’t aware of how the driving laws change depending on where in the world you are staying.

Here is a brief list of some common local driving customs and how this may affect your car hire in the USA, Australia and Europe.


-    Turning red at red lights is more often than not permitted
-    Roundabouts aren’t too common, and instead there are many more junctions
-    Driving is on the right-hand side of the road, which means that you will have to give way to traffic coming from the left rather than the right.


-    Australians do actually drive on the left-hand side of the road, as Britons do
-    Although it is common courtesy in the UK to wave, ‘thank you’ to other drivers, this isn’t commonplace in Australia.


-    There are a lot of exclusion zones in major European cities to be aware of
-    Cars drive on the right-hand side of the road
-    Speed limits will be shown in kilometres rather than miles per hour

Whenever you consider car hire for your holiday, you will have to do plenty of research to determine factors such as those previously noted. You will not be forgiven in the vast majority of worldwide locations for ignorance of local laws or general customs, and you are still eligible to receive penalties for breaking laws – even if you didn’t know they were in place.

Any reputable car hire firm or comparison website will ensure that their customers are aware that they need to research such laws, and there are many independent care hire companies abroad that will go to great lengths to make sure that their clients are aware of their country’s driving customs.

Book Car Hire in Advance

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Comparison shopping and booking in advance are two of the most highly recommended things to do whenever you need to purchase a service from anyone.

This is exactly the same when it comes to car hire abroad. It is an incredibly sensible idea to do your research on the types of car available in that destination and shop around to find the best deal before heading off on holiday, as care hire in Cyprus will be considerably different to car hire in Florida, for example.

A great way to compare prices in your own research rather than using a comparison site is to select any car that you would hypothetically like to hire, and then run it through several different agencies to get a more genuine idea of how their prices and inclusions differ.

Also, rental rates tend to be higher whenever car hire is arranged over-the-counter, as opposed to pre-booking online before the holiday has even begun. By using price comparison sites for car hire before you leave, you will have access to a wealth of information about which companies are the most ethical and affordable, and which aren’t worth your time.

Booking car hire in advance, whether online or on the phone means that you are much less likely to become a victim of salesman-like persuasion – particularly if you are a person that is quite easily influenced by supposed ‘one-off offers’.

Check, double-check and check again to make sure that everything you need is included in any offer you’ve made. Many fraudulent car hire companies abroad choose to take advantage of the fact that tourists aren’t familiar with the law and persuade them that some types of insurance are compulsory – just to get an extra few hundred pounds out of their pockets.

At, you can rest assured that we have carefully-sourced each and every single one of the car hire firms that we are partnered with. Booking in advance with us can mean the difference between a memorably simple arrangement, and one that leaves you the victim of a scam.

Easy Car Hire Wherever You Are

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At, we can provide cheap car hire the world over at a wide range of different destinations to suit all holidaymakers’ plans and chosen locations – however remote they may be.

We have partnerships with independent car hire companies the world over at some of even the most secluded locations; guaranteeing our customers a care hire service unparalleled for its efficiency and ease of arrangement.

You can compare the prices of many of these car hire companies on our easy-to-use website, and simply select your personal preference for a pick-up and drop-off date to efficiently filter through the particular cars that will be available to you between these dates.

We believe that car hire shouldn’t be about the holidaymaker spending hours trying to find a half-decent car hire company, and then spending further hours on end looking through each individual car to see which one is perfect for your visit.

Sourcing cheap car hire in Canada, the Middle East or Portugal can be made easy with our comparison and booking service, because we aim to take the stress out of the car hire process so that you can instead plan which activities you are going to do whilst on holiday.

We sincerely believe that it is this dedication to our customers’ satisfaction that we are so popular amongst UK holidaymakers and are the car hire service of choice for so many people. We strive to be reliable, one-hundred percent ethical and quality-based so that wherever in the world you decide to go, you can have car hire to suit.